The after party

PTO members are back at it planning After Prom


Lila Endres, Reporter

Making plans after a long night at prom isn’t ideal. With a lot of local places closing before midnight, finding something to do can be difficult. PTO to the rescue.

The After Prom event is hosted at the school from 10:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. with provided food, games, blow ups, prizes and plenty of fun. It is a plan already made for you and your friends. All students have to do is purchase a ticket and show up. 

The PTO is in charge of planning this event each year. PTO member Natalie Thurston said they start planning after prom right after fall sports seasons end.  

“Several parents help out with planning, but there is always room for more,” Thurston said. “This is a huge event and we still need a lot of help the night of the event.”

Depending on how many parents the PTO has each year to help out, the night of after prom determines how many games and activities will be available to students.

“We will have inflatables, games, food, and many prizes,” Thurston said. “Some of the inflatables include a Human Foosball and a Toxic Meltdown. We brought back a mechanical bull. We will have bingo, trivia, board games, 9 square, corn hole. We hope to have euchre and poker tables set up.”

There are also prizes given out during After Prom. By showing up your ticket is entered into a bucket for the drawing. Some of the bigger prizes are TVs, and other electronics, but there are also lots of smaller prizes like gift cards. 

Senior Emily Cooper won an Apple watch and gift card at last year’s After Prom. She says she is planning to attend again this year to hang out with her friends and hopefully win another prize. 

“I think it’s fun to be able to hang out with your friends without having to worry about the loud music and hopefully win a prize,” Cooper said. 

After Prom is meant to be an informal event after a very formal occasion. Students get into comfy clothes and come prepared to have a fun and relaxing night. 

Senior Ishamel Dearing also attended after prom and won corn hole boards. He added that he thinks after prom can be fun for everyone because it allows extra time to spend with your friends. 

“There is lots of stuff to do with friends and there’s plenty of food for everyone,” Dearing said. “I will most likely attend again this year because last year it was pretty enjoyable.” 

With tons of prizes to min and food for over 100 students, After Prom can become an expensive event. The PTO has many fundraisers throughout the year so there are many different ways that families and or students can help contribute. 

“We had an Exchange night on Feb 21st and an earring sale,” Thurston said. “We hope to add another breakfast fundraiser if time permits in March/April. We are still looking for corporate sponsors as that accounts for most of the raised money – and private donations. Please utilize the donor box if your family can make a donation. We are about 40% away from our goal.” 

Students and parents can check out the PTO Facebook page for more details on when the fundraisers are and how they work if interested. 

The PTO’s main goal with After Prom is to provide a fun and safe night for students who attended prom, according to Thurston. They hope to have more people come this year than the last couple of years. 

“Having a lot of my friends at the event made it a nice experience,” Dearing said. “There was plenty to do and the tickets were not too expensive.” 

After prom will be held from 10:30-1 at New Albany High School. Tickets will be sold in April when students purchase Prom tickets.