The young and the restless

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Substance abuse has no double standards

By: Abby Weathers

The young and naive celebrities who have died tragically over the past five years still lie restless among the media. Glamorized and idolized, these celebrities blind the ugly truth: living for today and not tomorrow’s satisfactions. Committing reckless behavior, these celebrities set bad examples for our society. Our society worships these people for what appears to be a life to live, but it’s not ironic that it’s not a life to live because it results in death. Magazines, newspapers, TV stations, they all make death overrated.   Heath Ledger, a very well known Hollywood star, was said to “accidentally overdose on prescription medication”. By definition, an overdose is an excessive dose, especially of a narcotic. Some say, because of his status and career, it was excusable. Just because one person has a lot of money and fame doesn’t mean their drug dependence is any different than the homeless man down the street. By idolizing these stars for their drug and alcohol abuse, society is setting a double standard. Health Ledger is considered a legend by some, and even admired for his dramatic ending, but everyone turns their head on the drug addicted locals.

Another star, Ryan Dunn, was a notoriously comical man from the Jackass movies. Recently, he too was added to this list of deceased due to intoxicated behavior. According to Entertainment, Dunn had “tweeted” pictures of himself drinking with some friends only hours before he crashed his car causing his untimely death. If any other man pulled some of the stunts that Dunn and his friends attempted, they would be viewed as a fool. Regardless of his fame, he still crashed and died driving while intoxicated.

If this can happen to someone as well known as Dunn, one should realize it could happen to him or her just as easy. Instead of idolizing these stars for their crazy behavior, teens should use it as an example to learn from their mistakes.

There are many other actresses and actors that fall under the same influences of Ledger and Dunn, and catch the same amount of positive publicity. It’s ironic because anybody that doesn’t have fame catches negative feedback. When you stand up and pledge to your country every morning, listen to the words you say, “One nation, under God”.

If we’re one nation then why are we allowing the media to cut us in half?

The same feedback should follow people that share the same circumstances.

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The young and the restless