A definitive ranking of the Papa’s franchise games available on Cool Math Games


Abby Lewis, Reporter

Take just a moment. Close your eyes and think back to the computer lab in elementary school–before it became world language. The colorful restaurant simulator quickly became a favorite in our young eyes and planted a seed that would last for years.

I vividly remember people playing the Papa’s games up into freshman year and the hot topic of the reality that nobody would be able to play the games after the death of Adobe Flash in January of 2020. Once Adobe Flash was no longer, people would not be able to play the games unless they paid for the mobile game. 

Starting at the end of last school year, flash free versions of Papa’s games started to be released one by one onto Cool Math Games, which can be played on the Chromebooks.

For the definite ranking of the Papa’s Games I have developed a three or four part rubric depending on the amount of stages each game has. Within this rubric I will judge each section of the game based on how quick, efficient, and user friendly the task is. 


6.) Papa’s Pizzeria – 2.67 stars

The first Papa’s game on the list is Papa’s Pizzeria with a combined ranking score of 2.67 stars out of five. Since the game only has an ordering, building, and baking section, there are only three sections to be judged.

For ordering, I ranked the ordering section two out of five starts because it is usually slow and it is very difficult to get a difficult score casually. The build station ranked three out of five stars because it is just average in my eyes. The baking station earned the same score for the same reason. 



5.) Papa’s Cupcakeria – 2.75 stars

The game that ranks directly above Papa’s Pizzeria is definitely Papa’s Cupcakeria with a combined ranking score of 2.75 stars out of five. This game has four sections including ordering, building, baking, and toppings.

In this game, the ordering section is significantly better in speed and scoring opposed to the ordering section in Papa’s Pizzeria, which earns it a four out five star rating. When it comes to the build and bake sections, each earns three stars due to being pretty average. Finally, the topping station only earns a one out five star rating because it is very difficult to get a good score and it is not very user friendly at all.


4.) Papa’s Cheeseria – 3.25 stars

Ranking fourth on the list would have to be Papa’s Cheeseria, with a combined score of 3.25 out of five stars. 

When it comes to the ordering station, Papa’s Cheeseria also scores four out of five stars. It also earns a four out of five stars on baking due to the amount of slots available to the player. The build station earns a three star rating because it is pretty repetitive. Finally, Papa’s Cheeseria earns a two out of five star rating on the fry station because of how un-user friendly the station is. When just playing casually, it is difficult to score well. 


3.) Papa’s Bakeria – 3.5 stars

The third spot on the list goes to Papa’s Bakeria with a combined score of 3.5 out of five stars. I was almost tempted to give this game bonus points because it was re-released onto Cool Math on Pi day!

Overall, this game is well developed, but just boring over all. The order station deserves a four out of five score because it is very easy to get a good score, even if you take a while. The build and bake stations also get a four out of five stars for the user friendliness of each section. However, the section that ruins the game for me has to be the decoration station. No matter how hard you try, it is nearly impossible to get a perfect (or close to perfect score). For this reason, it earns a two out of five stars for me.


2.) Papa’s Freezeria – 3.75 stars

Ranking second on the list is Papa’s Freezeria, one of the most nostalgic games of the series, with a combined score of 3.75 stars out of five.

When it comes to the ordering section, the game earns a four out of five stars for all of the same reasons as previously mentioned. Next, building stations and blending stations both get a three out of five stars because they are both average and slightly limited. Finally, the topping station earns a five out five star rating because they are easy, very unlimited, and user-friendly.


1.)Papa’s Burgeria – 4 stars

….And the winner is definitely Papa’s Burgeria with a combined ranking score of 4 out of five stars! 

Papa’s Burgeria is another Papa’s game that only has three stations, but still makes a big impact on players with dynamic customers and fun game play.

In the ordering station, Papa’s Burgeria earns a three out of five stars for being average. Although average might not seem steller in the top tier ranking, the next two categories blew me away with a score of five out five stars in the cooking station and four out of five stars in the building station. Both are pretty unlimited, especially the cooking station with twelve cooking spots for the player to use! The reason that the topping station scores slightly lower is that there are not many unlockable toppings compared to the other games. 

Although this ranking as of now is a select few of the games, according to Cool Math Games, all Papa’s Games will be available to play without flash by the end of 2023.