Social studies teacher aspires to connect

Mr. Dustin Goodlett takes teaching to a new level


Nicole Richert, Reporter

Throughout life there are people and events that impact what we end up doing in life, these people and situations cause us to find our passions and how we want to leave an impact on the next generations. 

Sometimes we forget that the people we look up to went through the same things. 

Social studies teacher Dustin Goodlett knew teaching was always the ideal profession for him. 

“I have chosen to stay in the profession because I like being able to play a small positive part in a young person’s life,” Goodlett said. “The teaching profession is also one that allows me the time to be able to be the husband and father I strive to be. This is probably the biggest reason I have chosen to stay in the profession.”

However, being a teacher wasn’t the only thing Goodlett had in mind as a long term profession. 

“I always wanted to be a teacher, at one point I did want to be a professional baseball player but always knew that was more of a dream than a realistic goal,” Goodlett said.

Teaching isn’t just about being the teacher, sometimes kids need more than to be taught at: Goodlett frequently speaks with students about things outside of the classroom and believes he has a positive impact on a few students every year.

”Sometimes it may have to do with a sport they play, advice about a job opportunity, spiritual things, or just advice they are seeking about a tough time they are having but this is the most rewarding part of being a teacher,” Goodlett said. 

Goodlett even goes on to further explain how being more than just a teacher is important.

“I do believe my students are just as motivated if not more than in other classrooms,” Goodlett said. “I think part of it has to do with them seeing me more as a genuine person rather than just some teacher standing at the front of the room talking at them.”

Not only has Goodlett’s teaching affected students, but previous teachers of his have done the same for him.

“I can say that my educational experience K-12 was one filled with many adults that had positive traits that they modeled and I surely picked up on a few of them,” Goodlett said. 

However, Goodlett is more than just a teacher, he’s a father, husband and follower of Christ with plenty of hobbies.

“As much as I enjoy being around students and like my job, I am very good about not taking my work home with me,” Goodlett said. “My family deserves for me to be a husband and father when I am not at work, for example, as much as I would love to attend a lot of after school things going on, it is much more important to always be present with my family.”

Not only does Goodlett enjoy cooking meals on his smoker and grill, he also enjoys spending his time doing other things.

“A typical weekend for me depends on what time of the year it is,” Goodlett said. “Overall, I would say there is either a big meal being prepared, watching Kentucky football/basketball with my Dad and his dad, spending time with my daughters and wife, playing a round or two of golf, getting together with my closest friends on occasion, attending birthdays of all our loved ones, and never missing giving my Sunday mornings to God.”