Get involved

Joining a club, team or group at NAHS makes the big school feel smaller


Lila Endres, Reporter

With starting at a new school or discovering new passions comes new clubs, activities and opportunities that might sound interesting. This can be overwhelming when it comes to deciding whether or not to join one. 

I run cross country and track, and am the Vice President of the Computer Science Honors Society. Being involved in sports and clubs  has helped me find my place at NAHS. For me, joining a smaller group makes the big school feel smaller. 

There are many benefits to joining student groups, whether it be athletics or not, like finding friends, discovering a new passion, and learning skills that you might not learn in a traditional classroom setting.

Joining these activities has made me feel like I have a purpose in something other than getting good grades. For everyone who can join something, I say do it; it has made me feel accomplished throughout high school.  

If you are interested in singing, dance, music, sports, computers, community service and many more there is something for you here at NAHS. Some people say that it will take up a lot of time and they might not know anyone at first, but I encourage everyone to get outside their comfort zone and join something to make the most of their high school experience. 

I talked with a few students about how their involvement has affected their teen years.


Jacqueline Renner // 12

Senior Jacqueline Renner has been involved in theatre arts all four years of middle school and high school. After high school, Renner plans on attending Southern Illinois University. 

One of her favorite opportunities theater gave her was performing at the International Thespian Festival. 

Being involved in more than just the classes throughout high school can allow you to meet people you hadn’t before. 

“I wouldn’t be friends with half the people I am friends with if it weren’t for the bonds I made with everyone in theatre,” Renner said. 

“Being a part of theater or another club, activity, or sport is something I couldn’t recommend enough,” Renner said. “Almost everyone I know has benefited from doing such things and it definitely changes the course of your high school experience in a positive way.”

Starting a new club or activity can be intimidating at first and can present some challenges, but Renner offers encouragement.

“Don’t be afraid! Everyone was a beginner at some point,” Renner said. “At the end of the day it will almost always be worth it whether it be for bettering yourself or for making new friends.”


Cheyenne Palmer // 12

Senior Cheyenne Palmer has been involved in volleyball and softball throughout high school and this past year she decided to play basketball and join the SALT (Student Athlete Leadership Team). Palmer plans on playing volleyball and softball at Coker University. She plans on majoring in kinesiology while there.  

Being new to a school or club can be intimidating, but this gives you the perfect opportunity to find something you enjoy  in a new environment. 

“I think my high school experience would be very different, because I would not have as many people that I talk to or know because of the sports,” Palmer said. “I came in as a transfer freshman year, and sports really helped me land all the friends that I have now. Without sports, I would not be the person I am today.”

With four years in high school, a lot of opportunities to join things come your way. Many clubs, sports, and performing arts are available at NAHS. 

“My advice would be to find your group of people, and do what you guys find fun,” Palmer said. “If it is something new, and you think you might regret not doing it, just do it, I would rather do it, and look back and wish I would never do that again, rather than to watch and say I wish I would have done that.” 

Adding extracurriculars to your schedule will take up time but there are many positives that can outweigh this. 

“I have enjoyed the memories that came from all the years that I played with these girls,” Palmer said. “Some of them I have known for a very long time, so being able to finish my senior year with them, and have so many fun times along the way made it all worthwhile.”



Noah Schremser // 12

Senior Noah Schremser is  part of the WNAS, band, and plays volleyball. Schremser plans on studying film at DePaul University after high school. He has been involved in band since middle school, but did not get involved in volleyball or radio until his junior year. 

Through radio, Schremser won a national award along with senior Carter Davis for their specialty radio show. This opportunity would not be possible without getting involved in the school radio program. 

“Extracurricular activities are the best way to get to know people outside of school,” Schremser said. “Also it gives the opportunity to focus on something that could have a big payoff in the future like sports or music.”

The boys volleyball team has only been around for the past couple years and is not available in middle school. Many students that first joined have never played volleyball before, but this does not stop them from trying something new.

“Don’t be afraid to join something new,” Schremser said. “It’s a new experience with people you’ve never seen before. So just get comfortable with it and don’t be scared.”

Different types of clubs have different types of opportunities and people. Getting involved in different types of activities allows students to cross paths with people they would not have before. 

“I don’t think I’d be as confident in my abilities if I didn’t participate in these activities throughout school,” Schremser said. “Also I think I would’ve known a lot less people than the amount of people I know now.”