What’s new in MLB

The season starts off hot with new rules and strategies to win. Learn who’s hot and not.

Whats new in MLB

Rylan Schrink, Reporter

The 2023 MLB season kicked off with a number of new rule changes that have caught their eyes and significant attention from players, fans, and critics alike.

The League made a new extra innings rule, with this they put in a pitch clock so you cannot go at your own pace. In an effort to speed up games and prevent teams from playing marathon contests that can wear down players and impact the rest of the season, the league will now start each extra inning with a runner on second base. The pitch clock starts at 15 seconds with no runners on the base and 20 seconds with runners on base. While this change has been met with mixed reviews, it certainly adds a new aspect of excitement to the end of games and often requires strategizing by managers on how to coach during these situations.

Secondly, the League has mandated that pitchers now must face a minimum of three batters or get the final out of an inning before being substituted. This rule is designed to prevent managers from regularly swapping out pitchers to gain an advantage in certain match-ups, which could also result in longer games. Critics will say that this eliminates some strategy from the game, while others praise it as a way to keep the game flowing and prevent multiple pitching changes from slowing down the action.

The League has introduced new guidelines for the storage and handling of baseballs, which could impact how players and pitchers approach the game. To reduce the number of foreign substances on baseballs, which are often used to increase grip and improve performance, the league will now store baseballs in a humidified room prior to games. This has been among the controversy for many years in the society of baseball. 

The season has started off slow, with the Phillies starting off 0-4 after coming off of a good season. This has struck some fans and many fans of baseball cannot figure it out. The AL East starts off really hot, except for the Toronto Bluejays. They have brought this division down ever since 2016. The Yankees started the season looking good after the reigning MVP, Aaron Judge hit three home runs in the latest game, advancing them to 6-4. Starting shortstop for the Yankees Anthony Volpe has struck the baseball world by coming out hot, this shows the Yankees fans something to look forward to after seeing Jeter leave in 2015.

These factors will play into the season moving forward, as we will see some of these young teams emerge into the top ranks of the League. Many say the League is going downhill, but I that it is rising at a fast pace. In with the new and out with the old applies to sports and it seems to be the case right now as we are transitioning. Watch the young, foreign game take over the world playing into the playoffs.