Ye Back With Adidas

Kanye West is back with the three stripes despite massive controversy


Jack Moutardier, Reporter

Rapper Kanye West has never came short of controversy and being the hot topic.

Last year this was in full form with controversy around his opinions about certain Jewish beliefs and traditions. In response, brand after brand, and individual after individual denounced their support for West. Some of these brands included GAP, Adidas, and Balenciaga. Athletes Aaron Donald and Jaylen Brown of West’s own Donda Sports left.

What would be a busy few months last fall for West, came to a slowing end as he started to be banned and silenced from media. 

However, whether West himself was speaking, he was still at the top of media, and a big reason for this was his partnership with Adidas and his shoe brand Yeezy. Amidst the controversy of West, Yeezys were still being released by Adidas on a weekly basis. With so many pairs coming out, there was an abundance of unreleased Yeezys ready to be released despite the controversy of West.

For months on end, the question of what Adidas should do with these Yeezys has been at stake. Some would say donate, while others at the top would say pitch em’. However, that question is no longer at bay, and an answer is finally here. 

On May 11, Adidas and Kanye reached an agreement to release the rest of Yeezys. This news comes in awake of Adidas facing their worst financial situations in a while with $1.3 billion in unsold Yeezys. While they are going to sell a lot of the shoes, they are going to be donating the proceeds to charity. Despite that, it is rumored that West could make around a $100 million off of all these Yeezys. While the controversy may make some hate this decisions by Adidas and West, it can be guaranteed that West will enjoy the payday.

This all said, it is assumed that this is it for Yeezys. As of now it doesn’t seem Adidas plans to sell more Yeezys, but instead just sell the ones that have been sitting in the factories for months now. The current lineup of whats to release is seven Yeezy 350s, three Yeezy Slides, two Foam Runners, three Yeezy 500s, and one Yeezy QNTM.