Wavelength, The New Game to Play

Oliver Dickman, Reporter

“Aw, man! The number was 4.”

Have you heard of this game? Wavelength is a new game that is constantly being played throughout NAHS and many other kids in the world are playing it right now.

Wavelength is a social party game where you will compete to read each other’s minds. Teams take turns rotating a dial to where they think a target is located along a spectrum. This is taking many teens by storm and it is really starting to blossom. The game was created by a few social media influencers who popularized it a few weeks ago.

“It is a fun mental game that you can play with your friends and make lots of memories with your buddies,” junior Gavin Rand said.

The game can be picked up by anyone and it only requires people to play it with.

“The game is easy to play because all you need is four or more people and an imagination, the game is only limited by your creativity,” Rand said.

The game is becoming much of an obsession to kids and most of kids free time is spent playing this game. While it sounds like it is a simple game, there is actually a lot of strategy that has to do with playing the game. If one person throws the answer off then the game can be ruined so you have to really trust your teammates to not mess up the answer. The game can also come down to someone’s opinion. If your opinion is different than the person that is guessing it can also throw the whole game off and the person that is guessing might not get the answer correct.

“I think the hardest number to play with is 6 because it’s in between a 5 which is in the middle and between 7 which is ok and 6 doesn’t have a great spot,” sophomore Jaden Robison, who plays the game regularly, said.

The number has a big effect on how easily the game can be played and whether the number is easier to guess off of then the game can either be much harder or much easier.

“The easiest numbers to play with are 1 and 10 because it’s either the worst things or the best things,” Robison said.

There are many different parts of the game that people like and it really comes down to preference.

“My favorite part is coming up with the answers to the game,” Rand said. “It makes it very fun when I can decide how creative I could be with my answer.”

It’s thriving now, but will the game last?

“I think the game will die off eventually like everything does, but will die off in the summer,” Robison said.