Dogs or no dogs?

As summer approaches, students face the decision to wear closed-toe or open-toe shoes


Autumn Gullett & Nicole Richert, Reporters

Shoes can make or break a person’s style and popularity. Some people just decide to not wear shoes and choose the path of sandals or slides. This leads to the topic of having your toes out in shoes at school or hiding them away until you are in the closed comfort of your home. 

Having your toes out at school will most likely guarantee a person to stop and look at your feet and  comment how you have your “dogs” showing and you are letting them “run free”. 

There are groups of people who side with having your toes covered and not letting them out until you are in the comfort of your own home and there are the stragglers who don’t care who see their toes and are completely letting their dogs breathe. 

Let your dogs out
By Autumn Gullett

Wearing open toed shoes should be completely normal at school. There is only a duration of time during the school year that the weather is too cold to allow sandals or slides to be worn. Even during that duration of time there are still even some days that slides with socks could be acceptable, but that’s not the topic. 

Letting your toes breathe and wearing sandals to school can have many benefits. Sandals, and even slides, with an outfit with no socks can take your outfit from a seven to a ten in just one choice of not putting on socks or vans. 

Having your toes out at school should not be something you are afraid to do just because you don’t want people to make comments about the fact that your tan is uneven and doesn’t match your legs.

My tip for having your dogs out at school is if you are a girl try to have your toes painted; clear would even do. Now if you are a guy, just try to cut through the thickness of the talons on your feet.

Wearing your open toed shoes at school is something that should just as normal as being barked at in the hallways.

Please don’t let the dogs out

By Nicole Richert

Footwear helps you protect your feet. So why would you let your toes hang free in the open at school?

To me, you wouldn’t catch me showing my feet around the school any day of the year for the rest of my life. Nothing about seeing other people’s toes at school sounds like a good day. 

I know, and understand, some people would prefer it the other way, to wear what they want, be comfortable and express themselves.

However, we all do have free will, but in what way does someone wake up in the morning and decide they want to freeze their toes off by wearing sandals the whole day.

After doing some much-needed research just to prove my opinion is correct, presenting your toes in school can cause an unwelcome odor or stench, not just for your toes but for others around you. 

I already smell and hear horrible bodily sounds every day at school so why would I want to add not only my own but other peoples’ to stench on top of that. Wearing sneakers can actually help the health of your feet, according to NextGenFoot, all while keeping those dogs caged up like they’re supposed to be.

Wearing these poorly made, cheap, flat sandals can lead to foot pain and I sure don’t want to be stuck behind someone not only struggling to walk because of their poor choice in shoes but also the stench they may as well leave behind too. 

Sure, there’s nothing wrong walking into school with sandals on, but what if you forget to check the weather and it begins to rain then eventually flood for the rest of the day? Now you’re stuck in your stinky, poorly-made, cheap, flat, foot-infected sandals all while everyone else can see them.

On a real note though, sandals and flip flops offer literally no ankle support and the lack of their support can lead to the development of pain and can even make you more susceptible to ankle sprains. 

If that doesn’t convince you to not wear your sandals to school, I don’t know what will.