Why shop small?

Small businesses offer variety and originality


Stella Klaus, Reporter

Small business or big business is the question. Although big businesses at the mall or stores like Target may be vastly popular, small businesses in downtown New Albany have lots to offer. 

“I am not a big fan of the bigger stores, they don’t usually sell what I like,” junior Talyn Harris said. 

Many small businesses offer more unique pieces that you can’t find at other places. According to shopify, underrepresented smaller businesses typically cater more to the unique needs or wants of their community. 

“They have more unique stuff and sometimes the stuff is homemade,” junior Coco Owsley said. 

With unique handmade high quality pieces comes high prices. Many people still choose to pay the higher prices to support the business however some choose not to pay the price.

“I get that [small businesses] have to make money, but they can’t be mad when people don’t buy their stuff because some of the prices are outrageous,” junior Cassidy Murphy said.

Although Murphy doesn’t support by buying stuff from small businesses she does support in other ways like by reposting their stuff on social media. 

 According to shopify, many new business owners open independently which means they fill every role including customer service. So when it comes to small businesses every customer matters.

“The people there are just genuinely friendly,” junior Chloe Fromme said about True North Coffee House, located on Market Street downtown. 

Some people have even created friendships with their favorite small business owners. Harris said he is friends with the owner of Eureka and does trades with him.

“I’ll bring in a lot of clothes I have and trade it for what he has,” Harris said. 

There are many small businesses in downtown New Albany; some favorites are Eureka, Antiques Attic, The Odd Shop, Regalo, and True North Coffee.

“I like getting jewelry like rings if there are any cute ones, candles or soaps; oh and socks, my number one favorite thing — I love getting socks,” Owsley said.

Many small businesses in New Albany specialize in vintage clothing as well like 812 Vintage and Eureka.

“I get vintage tees, cargo pants, other accessories, shoes, things like that,” Harris said. 

Small businesses need support and loyal customers to stay open and although they may be more expensive that is what is helping them stay open. The higher prices can also be because many small businesses locally and more ethically source their products, according to shopify

“Everybody goes to all the places in the mall like a JCPenny,” Owsley said. 

Choosing small businesses instead can help them to stay open and thrive.