Drawing with Digby

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Q: My favorite subject in art is…

A: Drawing because I can create my drawings how I want them to be.

Q: My favorite place to create is..

A: My kitchen because it is very homey and calming.

Q: My favorite artist is…

A: Jim Davis because he inspired me to develop my creations more and put myself out there.

Q: Advice I would give other artists is…

A: Draw what you feel and enjoy it.

Q: Art is something I enjoy because…

A: It calms me, helps me feel better, and relieves some of my stress.

Q: I have plans to continue art in the future by…

A: Becoming a cartoonist and eventually working for a TV series or starting my own.

Q: When other people view my art want them to…

A: I want to see how they feel about it and their reaction to my work.

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Drawing with Digby