Zombie 101

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The biggest question now is how prepared are you? With this quiz you can find out if you could take on a big event in the world like a zombie apocalypse or if you really need to work on your survival skills.

By Celeste Nevil

1. When it comes to storage and storing items in case of an emergency, what do you have?

A. Water, nonperishable items, medications, tools and supplies, sanitation, hygiene, clothing, bedding, important documents and first aid items.

B. few things like water and first aid but not much else.

C. Nothing at all. These kinds of things don’t happen.

2. You and a group of survivors are traveling through a deserted city when you realize a group of zombies are headed your way. What do you do?

A. Take the group and lead them away from danger and to a much safer place.

B. I would have the group split up and go different ways and we’d meet up somewhere much safer.

C. I’d have everyone go somewhere different and meet up at our base.

3. While traveling with your group you come across another group of survivors who have been working to get back to a normal life. Your group wants to stay with them. What do you do?

A. Investigate the other group of survivors and see if the place is safe for your group.

B. Go ahead and stay with the other group. It’s better than traveling with limited protection.

C. Pinch myself and make sure I’m not dreaming and let my group go on without me.

If you got mostly A’s you are very well equipped for a zombie apocalypse

If mostly B’s you are somewhat prepared but could use some more helpful tips

If mostly C’s you are not prepared at all.

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Zombie 101