Decisions that come with college

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Long distance relationships

By Ellie Stotts

Around this time of year quite a few high school seniors are facing college decisions that are not only affecting them, but their relationships as well. If one is in a relationship with someone in a different grade, they are bound to face this problem sooner or later. This does not have to be the end of a relationship, despite the few changes and challenges couples may go through, but the beginning of new habits between the two when college comes into the picture.

“I’m not worried about it,” junior Hunter Castleberry said.

Senior Lauren Hoffer will be making a decision soon that will affect the rest of her life. Tied between two colleges, IU Bloomington and U of L, she says her final decision will be what is best for her. Although she hasn’t made up her mind yet, she says that her relationship with Castleberry does play a factor, but would never prevent her from making the best choice for her future.

“I am a little worried about what college will do to our relationship, but I know that we can definitely get through it,” Hoffer said.

In the same boat as Castleberry and Hoffer, are senior Olivia Balmer and junior Caleb Greenwald. Balmer has already chosen her college for next year and will be attending IU Bloomington. Happy she is staying relatively close, Greenwald still expressed his dislike for Balmer’s college choice.

“The hardest part about college will be not being able to see him as much as I do now,” Balmer said.

Both couples were able to agree that the hardest thing for next year will be adjusting to all the time they won’t be spending together. With Balmer and Greenwald’s relationship lasting six months so far and considering the year and eight months Hoffer and Castleberry have been together, this change will have its struggles.

“I know we wont get to see each other everyday, but I’d make sure that we wouldn’t go too long without being able to see one another. Luckily we have Skype, cars, and cell phones,” Hoffer said.

According to Statistics Brain, 32.5% of college relationships are long distance. Studies on FAQs also show that couples in long distance relationships feel more intimate with each other rather than couples that see each other everyday. Thinking positive about starting a long distance relationship, each couple is hoping to make it work.

“We can do it,” Hoffer said.

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Decisions that come with college