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By Caden Wheat

Inspired by The Book of Awesome by Neil Pasrich; this is all the awesome things about our lovely school!

Success Cards– Making good grades is hard, but when you have a reward it seems a lot better. Isn’t it a great feeling when you come to lunch and see loads of smiling parents ready to give you a bunch of crap!? It’s AWESOME! Even if it’s just a piece of candy, your day at NAHS is completely made when you know it’s Success Card Treat Day.

Pass Out of Class– You’re begging for a way out and bam! That office worker comes into your class and there’s a split second that you think “maybe its me” And it is! You get the pass out of class. Your friends watch you, jealously, as you leave. And you strut your stuff out of that classroom because you get to escape! AWESOME!

Rival Games– The lights are bright, the crowd is wild, and the team is ready. You’ve got your red and black on and don’t even dare look at look at those stinky Providence kids. No sir! There’s nothing like a good rival game in our huge gym with the whole town in and ready to support their AWESOME Dogs!

Mrs. McGuirk– She’s the Jesus of New Albany High School ya’ll! You think your life is falling apart, you go see her, and she puts it back together and gives you a mint. Where would we be without her? No one would have any scholarships and the school just wouldn’t feel the same. She’s AWESOME!

Stocked Vending Machines– The day before the rows are empty but today they are filled with rainbow-colored goodness. We all sit in class and crave that Pop Tart, and there’s nothing like the feeling you get when the vending machine is full. AWESOME!

Fry-Day”- Tuesdays and Thursdays! Holla! Crispy AWESOME-NESS!

Thanksgiving Lunch– It’s only once a year and the line is so long but MAN! That pumpkin roll! This is the one day of the year you better hope you have lunch money. Green beans, turkey, stuffing! The teachers even let you go to lunch early because they’re so excited too!


Prom– Every school is jealous of our prom and everyone knows it. Anyone who wants to have a good time comes to NAHS prom, and that a fact. The DJ is AWESOME, the dancing is AWESOME, and the people are AWESOME!


Bill Briscoe– It’s 5 in the morning on a snowy day and your house phone rings, there’s only one explanation. Bill’s our best friend when he’s calling to tell us about missing school. The sweet tone of his voice in the morning soothes you back to sleep as you dream of winter wonderlands and no school! AWESOME!


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