Reasons I love Jimmy Fallon

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First and foremost I would like to thank MTV and Fuse channels for playing re-runs of popular SNL episodes. Without you I would have never developed the love (and okay fine, I guess slight creepiness) for Jimmy Fallon.

By Kayln Reyer

At my ripe old age of 18 you can assume that my worldliness and knowledge of political ambitions are limited, after all I am only in my ninth week of government. However, thanks to the lack of quality entertainment on MTV I found myself lounging around (cut me some slack, it may have been a Saturday but it was only 2000 aka the days that having a license were but a distant dream) watching what at the time I had presumed to be a show strictly for boring parents and/or the uncle that everyone tries to avoid on holidays because he wont stop telling knock-knock jokes.

Nearing what I had hoped was the end of a completely pretentious monologue by the host the show cut to a segment I now know and adore, “Weekend Update”. Friends, this is where I discovered my love for Jimmy Fallon. Back to my ripe old age, as a (baby) adult my love has progressed into the form of pure admiration. Or in simple terms, I don’t like-like Jimmy Fallon and I fully support his marriage, but next to the dude that invented heating blankets, he’s my favorite. Great people have walked the halls of SNL but something about Jimmy has prompted me to follow his career even after his stand-up days. Without further ado, here are some reasons I love Jimmy Fallon:


  1. No matter what he’s doing, he’s doing it with all of his energy. I have seen some extremely boring people appear on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and I can only imagine their manager acting out the scene from Mean Girls where the mom is backstage giving ques. Except instead of dancing tips he’s probably motioning things like “Smile” and “Try to look like you don’t want to throw the coffee mug at the camera man’s face”. Still, no matter how bad the interviewee is Jimmy is jumping around and making jokes. His energy is something I try to channel everyday that I go to work. Before I end up doing nothing of course. A girl can try.
  2. He’s not afraid to pull out all the stops. Have you seen the first episode of the Tonight Show, or for that matter, the first week? U2 on the roof and headlining guests are no biggie for Jimmy. Every show consists of elaborate skits, rap-offs, and festive homemade games. His shows are unlike any other of late night television because he’s not afraid to stray from the opening monologue-guest-music-joke format. I’ve often wondered why his persona doesn’t feel the same as the annoying kid in AP Government that not only does the project but makes a cookie that looks like JFK’s face, making all the other kids look like slackers. My best guess leads me to the next reason…
  3. He’s an overachiever, but a modest one. If anyone can make me look like a slacker with a JFK face cookie and still be my best friend it’s Jimmy Fallon. Fallon’s achievements are usually snubbed in the media because unlike other television personalities, he’s modest. In the tortoise and hare story Jimmy would definitely be the tortoise. He’s not flashy about what he does but as he’s new job at Tonight shows, he’s winning the race.
  4. He’s like the family member everyone loves. Grandmas are usually a crowd favorite, Jimmy Fallon feels like your grandma. He might not look like your grandma, but like that sweet old lady he can say outrages and sometimes offensive things and still make you laugh. For someone that has exclusively worked at the late hours of television Jimmy has successfully pulled off a family man vibe that is usually only reserved for family members you have to reserve the phrase “He/She’s very old and doesn’t understand what he/she’s saying, sorry” for and Ellen Degeneres. Congrats Jimmy, another thing for the rest of us envy.
  5. He’s Jimmy Fallon. Media is magical when it comes to faking personality and making stars appear charismatic. Finding a true crowd pleaser is rare. Take James Franco for example. Gorgeous, great actor, funny in some movies and moving in others, but what do we actually know about James Franco? Not a whole lot. Jimmy stands out partially because he’s real. Media doesn’t have to make him seem like he’s good with people or nice or for that matter a comedian. He shows us those things with his shows and tweets and interaction

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Reasons I love Jimmy Fallon