Trick-or-treat – Give me something good to eat

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By: Taylor Briscoe

Snickers: This gooey, crunchy, chocolate candy bar has definitely earned its spot as the number one selling candy bar in the United States. Now available in 70 different countries, Snickers is the all time favorite among all age groups. When introduced to the public in 1930, Snickers candy cost only five cents. Snickers now run around 75 cents, but no one seems to be complaining.

Skittles: Whether you prefer sweet or sour, Skittles are one of the top choices of fruit-flavored candy on the shelves. Although they originated in Europe in the 1970s, they have found their way to America and will not be leaving for a long time. With humorous commercials and tag line of “Taste the Rainbow”, Skittles have made a major impact through media. Think tasting the rainbow isn’t enough? Every year enough Skittles candy pieces are made to track every inch to the moon.

Candy Corn: Although Halloween accounts for 75 percent of this tasty delight’s production, candy corn has proven to be enjoyable all year round. Candy corn was first made in England but started its commercial sales in Philadelphia in 1898. Ranking in at only two calories per piece, candy corn is a delicious, festive and very popular treat to enjoy.

Smarties: Made since 1949, these wafer candies are a bittersweet treat that are a favorite of Halloween lovers everywhere. Smarties are an easy get-and-go candy that even contain six different flavors per roll. Recently voted “Best sugary candy” by Seventeen Magazine, Smarties are sure to be on top for awhile.

Sugar Babies: Often nicknamed the “caramel jelly bean”, Sugar Babies level in at number three of top Halloween candies. When the candy first originated in 1935, it contained a hint of bacon extract, explaining the red and white designs resembling the meat on the candy’s packaging. Although makers of the treat have gotten rid of the odd extract, people are still questioning the mystery candy coating of the chewy milk caramel. True fans of the candy have decided not to ask questions and just keep indulging!

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Trick-or-treat – Give me something good to eat