5 steps to relaxation

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By Demi McKinley

5 Steps to Relaxation

This time of the school year students have a lot on their mind, spring break, prom, exams, and other stressful events they have planned. Below are 5 simple steps to living a relaxed and anxiety free lifestyle.

1. Meditate- Choose a peaceful environment you are able to concentrate. Set an alarm for how long you want to mediate whether it’s five minutes or thirty minutes. Stretch out your neck and back muscles, find a comfortable position sitting upward. Close your eyes and begin to follow your breathing, imagine a coin sitting on the spot above your navel, rising and falling with your breath. Repeat a mantra if you’d like. Make sure it’s easy to recite such as “om” which means I am in Sanskrit. Quietly repeat your mantra, its okay if your mind wonders off and you will enter a deeper state of consciousness.

2. Sip on Some Tea- whether you drink green, black, white, or oolong tea it contains a lot of benefits for your body. Tea contains antioxidants for your body and also contains thiamine, which helps to relax the body.

3. Eat mood boosting foods- Before your trip to school fix yourself a coconut breakfast smoothie it’ll help your blood pressure and help you stay alert through out your 6 hour day. Nibble on some dark chocolate throughout your day also, it provides an instant boost and helps you stay energized. Just don’t overload on it!

4. Create a relaxation room- Reorganize your room a little and create a relaxing environment for yourself. Throw a couple of cozy blankets and fluffy pillows on your bed to create a comfortable place for you to lay down whenever you need to relax for a moment. Dim the lights and light a few candles, if you’re trying to get some sleep light a lavender candle but if you want to relax and reenergize yourself light a jasmine or mango scented candle. Even open a window if you want to let some fresh air in!

5. Exercise- Besides physical benefits, exercise provides many spiritual benefits. It helps reduce the amount of stress hormones and increases the making of chemicals used for natural painkillers and mood elevators. Start out going for 10 minute walks a couple times a week and work up your physical activity to your desire.

Scents and Their Benefits

Apple- Helps alleviate headaches

Lavender- Lowers anxiety, also helps headaches and migraines

Coconut- Helps blood pressure

Peppermint- Lowers hunger levels, chew on some peppermint gum throughout the day!

Orange- Lowers blood pressure and sooths nerve

Grape Fruit- Energizes and invigorates

Jasmine- Stress reducer

Chamomile- Anti-inflammatory, calms nervous system, and aids sleep


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5 steps to relaxation