Earning a name for yourself

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Senior Superlatives

By Ellie Stotts

Coming into high school as a freshman can be intimidating even though no one knows who you are.  Knowing this, most freshmen would consider this as a great advantage and allow themselves four years to create a name that they will be proud of. By senior year they would have built a name for themselves that could be picked out of a crowd of people. In this case it was New Albany High Schools graduating class of roughly 450 seniors.

“Once I was nominated for this superlative, I knew I would get it,” NAHS senior Tess Hill said.

ost nominees admitted to knowing that they would hear their name pop up around the time of voting and Hill was happy to explain her reasoning to of why she got the superlative ‘Crazy cat lady’.

“I love cats and I take a lot of pictures of them,” Hill said.  “I can see why people would think that.

Voting for senior superlatives is one of the best ways to nominate with voting and recognize the students who deserve to stand out. This is the process of collecting all of the seniors and giving them ballots to nominate one boy and one girl that is a fellow classmate for a title that fits them best. This way, if you receive one, you know you were successful in creating hopefully the name that you wanted by the time high school is over.

“I think I got this superlative because I work on a farm,” said senior Ryan Shipton, who was voted ‘Most country’.

Senior Molly Noonan was very pleased with the outcome of winning New Albany’s best-dressed female. Although high school meant sitting for hours in an uncomfortable desk, being exhausted and doing plenty of school work plus taking tests, fighting the urge that many have to wear sweats wasn’t hard for Noonan.

“I enjoy dressing up to school everyday,” Noonan said. “I think it’s worth it and I like looking my best.”

Hopefully the title you earn in high school is the title you deserve and or worked for. Finding your identity can be tough, but as long as you can be proud of about 450 classmates handing you a title, you know you’ve done something right your four years of high school and your freshman year goal came true.


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Earning a name for yourself