How NOT to be a freshman

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Sometimes you just need someone to tell you what you’re doing wrong. Freshmen need this all the time. 

By Caden Wheat

Freshman year is exciting and new for many shining bright 15 year olds, but upperclassman know the drill. Sure, we were freshman at one point, and yeah, we probably got on older kids nerves…I’ll admit it. So lets stop this epidemic. You kids are freaking crazy. It’s just high school, man. You freshies need a how-to guide to NOT be freshman. Trust me on this one:

Don’t scream: Seriously, this one is first because it is more important than any of these. Screaming, or even talking loudly, is never the answer. I can relate to you young pupils, in a sense, because this habit is usually set off by excitement. Excitement is great! Screaming is not. A freshman must understand that these kids don’t like to be up this early and probably don’t even want to hear anyone talking, but if you absolutely have to talk a whisper will suffice.

Don’t run: You won’t be late. I promise. In my four years of being here I’ve probably officially been late 2 times and anytime that I’m actually late, the teacher lets it go because they know I was trying to get there and I wasn’t making out with my boyfriend in a corner somewhere (which could easily lead us into another discussion of what not to do in school, but I’ll save that for another day).

Don’t clump yourselves in the middle of the hallway: AHHHHH why! These hallways at NAHS are big guys. There is enough space, ON THE EDGES, for every one. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked by my brother and his friends (who are freshmen) and had to push them out of the way because they form a little circle where no one can walk through the hallways and it makes seniors (me) angry. Please. Separate.

Know where you stand: Seniors don’t want to hurt you or put you down, but don’t act like you run the school. You don’t. We seniors, we don’t either. We think we do, but really this school is a family. Even though seniors are upperclassman, we love you little farts. We are all Bulldogs at heart. We all hate Providence, we all love the color red, and we are all here for each other. Go NA!

So now you know what to do. Make sure you don’t act like a crazy head or scream in the hallways. Lay low and act cool until you’re a sophomore, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be fine here at NAHS. (You’ll totally be fine).

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How NOT to be a freshman