A-maze-ing haunts and Halloween festivities

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By: Michelle Tucker & Celeste Nevil

Halloween is quickly approaching and everyone is talking about the best places to go to get a good scare. One of the most popular topics to discuss around this time is haunted houses. Most people love gathering with their friends to go to a haunted house but are they worth the prices that most people are paying?

Psychomania Clarksville, In

Psychomania is another popular attraction and is built inside an abandoned movie theater. Psychomania is well known for its casket ride which involves laying down in a casket and feeling as if you were being buried. Psychomania is open on Fridays and Saturdays from eight to two and Sundays from eight to eleven. One reason Psychomania is so popular is because it is the largest indoor haunted house in the Kentuckiana area. A lot of people usually enjoy the scary surprises that are in store for you at Psychomania.

Corn Mazes 

Another popular topic around this time is corn mazes. Corn mazes are popular because of all the unexpected surprises that come with them. Most people find corn mazes immature once they get older but they hold scares left and right just like a haunted house, making them tempting to explore.

Montgomery Farms 

Underwood, In

Montgomery Farms is well known for its haunted hayride. The haunted hayride takes about half an hour and is another popular attraction. This ride is very fun for the family but its not recommended for young children. The cost is $10 and Hayrides are given from dusk to eleven thirty every Friday and Saturday. The last day to go is Oct. 22 .

Field of Screams

Brandenburg, Ky

The Field of Screams is a nice walk through a six acre cornfield sounds pretty nice, kind of relaxing. What could be scary about a cornfield? When you’re trying to escape a maze where you never know when a creepy monster could pop up to scare you, yeah, it could be kind of frightening. Field of Screams is the largest haunted cornfield maze in Kentuckiana. They claim they have added another surprise to the maze this season and that it will definitely leave you shaking in your boots.

Not only do you get to take a nerve-wracking walk through the maze, never knowing who or what will pop out to join you, there is also a haunted barn and forest for you to visit, along with a hayride.

The haunt is now open, and once you go one time, you’ll be screaming for more.

Baxter Avenue

Louisville, Ky

Everyone is used to going to haunted houses with fake corpses hanging around, but this year, why not attend one with actual dead bodies? Because let’s face it: there’s nothing scarier than dead people in a morgue. Every Halloween, the basement of the Baxter Avenue Morgue is converted into a freaky haunted house for patron’s enjoyment. Visitors can’t actually touch or see the corpses, but just knowing they’re there is enough to send chills down your spine.  It’s said that a lot of people who enter get too frightened to finish the tour. The tours began in September, and are only running until Halloween night. Don’t waste any time and go for your tour tonight. That is, if you’re brave enough.

Industrial Terrorplex

Jeffersonville, In

Industrial Terrorplex – What is more frightening than one haunted attraction? Four haunted attractions, all right at one location. Dementions, Infected, Carnevil 3D, and the infamous Industrial Nightmare all lay under one roof at a massive location in Jeffersonville. Industrial Nightmare is the main attraction, and it is definitely the most popular one.

The Industrial Nightmare website claims that it is “like your worst dreams come to life,” and when you step inside, you have no choice but to face your darkest fears.

Carnevil 3D is the newest attraction at the Terrorplex, this season being its debut. Don’t be fooled by the bright colors of the logo and the clown face, this is no happy place: unless blood curling screams and crying out in terror is something considered happy.

Infected is also a new attraction, with a zombie theme. To escape these zombies roaming around, one must move through the underground facilities in an attempt to get away. This attraction is not for the faint of heart, so only go if you’re up for a real, terrifying scare.

Described as the “most sick and twisted” attraction at Terrorplex, Dementions is back for another year to deliver the screams. It takes you into the minds of insane, psychotic, criminal people for an unspeakably horrifying journey. You will face terrors you didn’t even realize existed until you entered Dementions.

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A-maze-ing haunts and Halloween festivities