Support from the stands – Fans provide both inspiration and distraction

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By: Jennifer Jacobs

The student section has been a long-standing tradition at NAHS. Whether fans are dressed as hillbillies or hula dancers, the student section is always there to support their Dogs through thick and thin. 

The main objective of the student section is to make as much noise as possible throughout the entire game or consequently be yelled at by seniors when this goal is not reached. But are the players even listening? Could the student section be distracting the players rather than pumping them up?

To some players, the student section is not a factor in the game. These athletes feel that while they are playing, their focus is in the game, and little attention is paid to the fans.

“When you’re out there on the field it is kind of silent,” junior Tyler Zahn said. “You can’t hear anything.”

While some players don’t pay attention to the fans, the student section is still a major component of the environment. However, according to some athletes, there are certain occasions in which the students should bring the volume down. They say this would help the players have a better focus during the game.

“I think other teams would agree that the student section should be quiet during parts of the game that require a lot of concentration,” Zahn said. “The student section should definitely be quiet during a PAT.”

On the contrary, some athletes feel that the student section plays a large role during a game. To some players, when the team isn’t performing to their best potential, the student section helps immensely by motivating them.

“The student section should always be as loud and crazy as possible,” said senior Major Ricke., “A quiet student section isn’t something that we like to hear because it is usually a sign that the game isn’t going too smoothly for us. When you are down, it doesn’t help the morale if your student section isn’t there backing you up.”

Although not everyone can agree on whether the fans are essential for players during a game, the student section remains an important aspect of the high school experience.

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Support from the stands – Fans provide both inspiration and distraction