Senior athletes face their rivals for last time

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By: Alex Bland

In all sports, usually the best games come from two teams that will do anything in their power to win. Rivalries can bring out the most intense, competitive, and high quality games. Nothing could bring an athlete more happiness than to demolish a rival.

“The best part of playing rival teams is the intensity level rises, the competition is more fierce, and the fear of losing is constantly in the back of your mind,” senior girls soccer forward Kamaren Cole said. “Two teams who come out and refuse to lose play the best games. Our biggest rivals are Jeff and Floyd Central. I always look forward to defeating the Red Devils and Highlanders.”

The teams always feel more of a sense of desire to come out on top. Among these fighting teams, there is one group of players that rise above the rest. Seniors on any high school or college team tend to have the most desire for a win since it is their last year playing the rival.

“I will miss all of the friends I have made and being with the team everyday,” senior softball player Emily Bennett.

The more time one spends with their teammates, the better the chance that you create a bond with one another, and nothing helps the flow of a game more than players connecting as a team. Seniors tend to realize this more than younger players.

“When players connect as a team, they win games,” senior football player Boon Demuth.

Seniors who want to win games and beat rivals try to take a leadership role and pull the team together.  Fortunately, the seniors have the experience to take the reins and be successful.

“Just being around my team as much as I have to be really makes me appreciate them,”  Cole said.

Of course players may have their ups and downs, but in the end their team can mean more to a player than meets the eye.


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Senior athletes face their rivals for last time