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Teens need to start planning ahead before getting “inked”

By Ellen White 

Caption by: Jenny Hancock

Graphic by: Jenny Hancock

Getting a tattoo is much like marriage, without the vows and the “I do,” but it is a lifelong commitment. As a teen, make sure to think ahead.

Tattoos might just be about the “rad” designs that most find attractive. When growing up and getting much older the design that was loved so much might not be what was first intended. Thinking ahead about a meaningful design and appropriate placement would absolutely be the best by all means.Never regret your decision.

In this generation, there will be judgement everywhere that you go. Though the saying goes, ‘don’t judge abook by its cover,’ many people usually do judge by the cover. Judgemental people criticize anyone and their ‘not so important’ tattoo rather than a meaningful choice. The people that don’t judge right away are smart.

Eighty-one percent of people agree that someone with tattoos is more stereotyped than someone without a tattoo, according to

These days, when you’re applying or interviewing for a job, tattoos aren’t always factored in. A person should always express himself or herself, although very visible designs might not be the best choice. While some employers wouldn’t judge a person based on their ink anymore, some may and no one would want that to be a road block to getting their desired job.

Thirty-one percent of managers say that a tattoo will cause them to have a negative impact on their decision to hire or not, according to

Making a choice early in life for ink and then dreading it later on would cause anyone to want laser tattoo removal. This procedure is very expensive; the price varies on the size of the tattoo. That expense could go from anywhere around $50 to more than thousands of dollars, and the process could take many appointments to remove the tattoo.

Laser tattoo removal has risen 43% in the past three years; it is higher than it has ever been, according to CNN. When getting a tattoo, the first thing that a teen should think about is whether or not the content of the tattoo is important enough.

Then, where is the most appropriate placement for it. As a teen, always think ahead, be very sure that you won’t regret your decision later.

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Think before ink