Five shows of the season

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By: Celeste Nevil

One of the best parts about the start of fall is the amazing amount of TV shows that come with it. I hate to say it but even I, who doesn’t enjoy TV at all, can find something interesting that I’ll sneak a peek at. As new seasons or shows premiere they are more likely to pop into random conversations with friends or just in the hallways. Here are some of the shows that have been named “most popular” in the past or as of right now:

Grey’s Anatomy

It may be in its eighth season, but the creators never fail to make it interesting and people still talk about it. It definitely isn’t one of the top trends on Twitter like Jersey Shore is but it’s still good. The good thing about Grey’s Anatomy is that it’s different because people don’t have the perfect lives; everyone is struggling to deal with something. Whether it’s cancer or trying to figure out a medical mystery the character’s lives are far from perfect.

Vampire Diaries

This show is completely different from the book. In the book, Elena is the most popular person who gets everything she wants ,including the new guy and his brother who are vampires. While in the show, Elena is shy and unnoticeable to anyone. Although this show sounds like another Twilight it’s actually interesting and full of peculiar incidents that has a lot of people drawn in.

Pretty Little Liars

What most people think of when they hear this show name is a group of girls who lie their way out of everything, but this show is a lot different then anyone would expect. Pretty Little Liars is about a group of girls who are dealing with the disappearance of their best friend Ali DiLaurentis and although they try to feel worried they secretly feel relieved. Then the notes start appearing and they are all about things only Ali would’ve known but there’s one problem – Ali’s dead. As the girls continue to do things they don’t tell anyone else the messages keep coming and the question is who are they coming from?


The comments on youtube say that Glee is: “A terrible show, ruining music and a waste of time and money,” when in all reality Glee is transforming Hollywood. Nowadays music is autotuned and as long as you’re good-looking you make it into the music busines. The good thing about Glee is that they can actually sing. Another thing that makes Glee a one of a kind show is that the kids are just normal people who just happen to have a voice. Glee is also bringing songs that were popular before we were born back onto the charts.

Raising Hope

Raising Hope starts off with a guy having to raise the baby his ex-girlfriend couldn’t take care of because of her execution. This show has a lot of humor for just thirty minutes of TV time and deals with the type of family that doesn’t usually appear in shows. Although the show isn’t exactly serious the characters in the show learn to love each other and work together through just about anything.

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Five shows of the season