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Did Michelle Obama seriously take the chips out of the vending machine?! So over her.

By Kaelin Dodge

It seems that every time someone brings up school lunches or what the vending machine is packed full of this week, half the class groans, “Thanks Michelle Obama.” I’m here to set the record straight and let the students of New Albany High School know Michelle Obama is not the culprit.

Sure, she has an agenda, but what First Lady doesn’t? Hilary Clinton advocated a new health care reform, Barbara Bush promoted education reform, encouraging schools to move towards No Child Left Behind, and Michelle Obama hopes to improve the health of children in our country. According to the CDC, one in three Americans will be diagnosed with diabetes by 2050. Despite our quick nature to blame Michelle when our school removes salt from the cafeteria, we need to keep in mind first ladies have no real political pull. Last time I checked, Michelle Obama wasn’t a political figure; she is simply the wife of a political figure with a healthy and active way of living to promote. Michelle Obama can’t get the senate to pass a law or bill, or call the school and tell them to ruin our lunch, because believe it or not, that’s not her job.

When our school changes what food the vending machines carry, or the sides available to go with our lunch, they aren’t under strict orders from our First Lady. New Albany Floyd Co. Schools have a board; this board makes decisions based on what they believe will be best for the student body. Despite what some believe, the school has our best interest in mind. Supplying students with healthy choices and alternatives (especially for those in elementary and middle school) creates habits that will lead to a healthy lifestyle. And for some students, the meals they receive from our school will be the only one they eat that day. Our school needs to supply those kids with a meal that contains enough proteins and nutrients to hole them over, and although unfortunate, Pop Tarts don’t quite fit into that category.

Plus, can someone explain to me what is wrong with Michelle Obama caring about the well being of America’s children? Why does loving sweet potatoes on Vine make her “the worst first lady ever”? She is in the eye of our country, and she’s promoting something worthwhile. I could understand giving her grief if she was for replacing all food with kale smoothies, but she is simply encouraging the incorporation of fruits and vegetables into everyday meals. And really, if you want a soda and bag of Doritos for lunch, no one is stopping you from bringing your own.

Rather than critiquing someone who has no say or power in the situation, be proactive. Understand why the school offers healthy food (or just bring your own candy/chips/Pop Tarts, it’s probably cheaper anyway), and leave Michelle alone!

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Leave Michelle alone