Cinco De Mayo(nnaise?)

By: Madisyn Zipper 

From St. Patrick’s Day to Cinco de Mayo, going a little crazy to “support” the victories of others is socially acceptable. It seems that many holidays widely acclaimed in different regions are used as an excuse to party in the USA (no pun intended).

I find it ironic and just slightly hypocritical that on specific days we decide to respect the melting pot that is our wonderful country, but at the end of the night, when the drinks are put away, we find ourselves holding up signs protesting immigration. We throw parties and tell ourselves that holidays like St. Patrick’s Day are important to celebrate without being familiar with the history of the holiday, without knowing why we’re wearing weird costumes and joining conga lines

Holidays shouldn’t be an exception to our hatred, we should embrace diverse heritage and take interest in the exploration of different perspectives. Although it’s great to experience culture through celebration, we should be constantly increasing our knowledge of tradition, no matter how foreign language lecture-y that may sound. Everyone, especially Americans, should appreciate having the opportunity to enrich awareness. After all, not everyone has the luxury of learning the backgrounds of so many around them.

To wrap things up: appreciate culture instead of using it as inspiration for sleazy parties and fashion. We should consider ourselves lucky to live in a place of such interest and contrast.