Blissful Spring Break moments

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By: Libby Fisher

Whether you’re staying home for spring break or going to the beach, whether it’s two weeks or one week long, there are some undeniably blissful moments that come with spring break. Here are some of my favorites:


Having no school, duh.

Obviously the first thing on this list is having no school. No teachers, no homework, no gross school lunch. Just friends, free time, and a bunch of sleep. Bliss.


Turning off your alarms.

If you’re anything like me, you have at least a million different alarms that are five minutes apart. Swiping those little green on buttons to the off position is probably one of the most relieving things in the world. You are your own alarm clock now. No more waking up at 5:45… or 6:00… well, maybe 6:30. Bliss.



Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, “Who likes packing!?” Well, honestly I don’t like packing that much either. But there is nothing better than having everything perfectly organized. Having all of your shirts and pants folded into separate piles, socks and undies laying neatly together, all of your bathroom stuff in a bag, and your hair and makeup stuff in another is one of the best feelings ever.

But the ultimate great thing is having packed and sitting next to the door, waiting to be put into the car the next morning. Bliss.


Finally arriving after driving forever.

After seemingly countless hours of playing road games, listening to the same songs over and over again on the radio, and over a million rest stops for your younger sibling who has to pee right now, arriving is such a great feeling. Stepping out of your extremely cramped car into the warm sunshine of your vacation destination is bliss.


Going into the hotel room.

Most hotel rooms are exactly the same: beds, a bathroom, some kind of uncomfortable chair, an expensive mini bar, and mediocre paintings on the wall. Even though they are the same, I love testing out how comfy the bed is, using (and taking) the free soaps, and exploring the hotel. Not the most blissful moment of vacation, but its definitely fun (at least for me).


Getting into the ocean for the first time.

Ah, the beach: warm sand, hot sun and the freezing cold water. The first time I ever went to the beach I was so excited to run into the (what I thought was) warm water. So there I was: running, running, then bang. I hit the freezing cold water. I had no idea that it would be so cold! But now that I’m not surprised about it, it’s such a good feeling. Eventually your body warms up to the water, and everything is blissful.


Coming home.

Although spring break is over, going home is always nice. Walking in and petting your animals and reuniting with your bed is so relieving. Even though it never feels the same when you get home, almost like you’re at a friends house or something. (You know what I mean?) Regardless of that, you had fun on whatever vacation and now you’re at home in your warm bed. Bliss.

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Blissful Spring Break moments