Juggle the struggle by// Quintin Condra

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In our community of doctors, contractors, real estate agents and lawyers all the way to our burger flippers, grocery baggers, table bussers, neighborhood lawn cutters, we all have our different starting points. Each job is a stepping-stone to either a brighter career or a better life. According to, 18.2% of teens and young adults work while also being in high school, showing that high school students are trying there best to start the kick off to their future.

Young students and upcoming members of societies are in the starting point of making big decisions for their futures, careers, their lives, whether that is going to college or working their way up the chain. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, In fall 2016, some 20.5 million students are expected to attend American colleges and universities, constituting an increase of about 5.2 million since fall 2000. and some of them may need a little guidance through example with a couple of their peers. These students have gone out and started their future on their own with hard work, talent and management, But what about those who need help getting a foot in the door to opening up their future?

Shelby Douglas of New Albany Job Core, a worker for 8 years says, “having a job at ages anywhere from thirteen through eighteen adds a certain mindset and opens eyes to what you want for yourself and for your future,” she said. “It’s important to just network. Talk to friends, family, neighbors and be able to communicate and find various employers.” Douglas said, “Be focused, professional, respectful, organized and driven while maintaining focus on the priorities of life, work and school.”

Some of you may know these students from just school or maybe just work, but both Ben Atkins, Jazmine Peters, and Alyssa Kane are all students that have stories of different tasks and multiple struggles they overcome daily with school or school & work.

Alyssa Kane | honor student & future college student

1.  Do you believe that school adds a extra load to your life?

School absolutely adds an extra load to my life. However, as a student, my education and schoolwork is my top priority.

2. What about school do you believe adds to your stresses?

Studying and my class schedule add to my stresses. I am taking 6 AP or dual classes this year so the material that I learn is challenging and is taught at a fast pace. This heavy class load also means that i have to study a lot to perform well on exams.

3.  How do you think your life will be after you are done with school and college?

I think life after college will be great change of pace. I look forward to starting my career and waking up each day doing things that I am passionate about.

4.  Do you feel like if you were to have another priority that you were to have another priority that you could handle it?

I certainly have priorities outside of school. I spend the majority of my free time serving in the community or mentoring a group of middle school students.

5. If there was one thing you could change about school, what would that thing be?

If I could change NAHS, I would make our start time later and would shrink the class sizes. I think both of these things lead to better learning environments and a higher level of focus in the classroom.

6. What is one piece of advice that you would give underclassmen that plan on working as hard as you?

To underclassmen that plan to take a heavy class load, I would say that it’s all worth it. When I head to college I will get to practically jump into my major because I’ve received credit for most of my general education classes at NAHS. The rigor that i have faced at NAHS has also taught me invaluable life lessons. So yes, there will be late nights and crammed weekends but it is all leading to great things.

Jasmine Peters| works at Derby Dinner playhouse while being a honor student 

1. When do you get time for school work, and then your other priorities?

I work about 20 hours a week 2-3 of those shifts are on school nights. I do half of my homework during the show if I’m able to. I make time for my family, track training, and football season is ending soon so that’s more free time. I have to squeeze track in before work sometimes.

2. What do you consider your top priorities? 1 being most and the rest as follows.

#1. God and family

#2. My grades

#3. Track & field

#4. Football / learning

#5. Work (Derby Dinner Playhouse)

#6. Hanging out with my friends when possible.

3. Where do you get your drive to keep your job along with keeping your grades up?

“I take 6 college credit classes and work out throughout the week. I have long nights and early mornings and long days. My drive to keep my job through all of this is the fact that I am making money. I have money so I may drive where i please along with having enough time to run track.”

4. How do you deal with your extra stresses along with everyday life?

The extra stress makes me feel like a college student. There’s many days I will be running on crystal light caffeine packets all day and have a lot of homework. I don’t deal with the stress that well it seems.

5. What is your advice to underclassmen and peers looking to work as hard as you?

To underclassmen who want to succeed in life, taking advanced classes at New Albany help prepare you for college. Having a job on top of it helps prepare you for life and teaches you time management.

Ben Atkins | honor student & works at Texas Roadhouse and at Louisville Armory

1.What is your reasoning for having two jobs along with school?

Having two jobs is so I can have money for myself and to have money I can save up.

2. How have these jobs dug into your school and what have you done to have to deal with it?

Having a job and going to school is hard to juggle but if that mean waking up early and doing my work or staying up late I would have to get my school work done.

3. Does school fade too the back burners with you having both jobs along with other priorities?

School is my main priority because it’s giving me the future I want.

4. How do you deal with these multiple priorities and everyday life with out stressing yourself out?

There will always be stress on a person but I just put it aside and keep working.

5. If you can give any advice for underclassmen and people planning to work as much or more then you?

Dedication is the most important thing to have when you getting a job. Employers want nothing but the best and that’s what they expect every day.

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Juggle the struggle by// Quintin Condra