“Fourth time’s a charm” by//Ellen White

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On January 2nd, season 21 of Bachelor started with Nick Viall. He really isn’t my favorite guy, mostly because he’s been on television for dating multiple times and does he really deserve another chance? I guess I could learn to like him a little bit since I’ll be writing about the show he is starring in each week. He’s told tons of girls that he loves them and then, eventually he got dumped and more than once so obviously something is wrong with him. Maybe we’ll find that out during this season, or maybe he’ll just give up on trying all together. That might be better for all of us honestly, but I guess the fourth time is the charm.

I definitely started to dislike him when he appeared on season 11 of Bachelorette with Kaitlyn Bristow. Kaitlyn had the perfect guy, Shawn Booth, but of course Nick kept getting in the way while trying to blow Shawn’s chance. Luckily, he failed at that and Kaitlyn picked Shawn. I still follow Kaitlyn and Shawn on Instagram and Snapchat so that I can see them together. They are by far my favorite Bachelorette/Bachelor couple. I’m positive that Nick and whomever he chooses at the end of this season couldn’t top K and S.

Well, that is if he doesn’t choose Vanessa Grimaldi. After watching all of the previews of the girls and watching them during their first impression, Vanessa was one of the only girls who really stood out to me. She’s such a genuine girl and has a job teaching special needs, who wouldn’t want a spouse like that? Plus, after his first impression of Vanessa he very openly said that she was a keeper. I was really only interested in three girls, I’m pretty good at picking out the good ones from first impression. Rachel, the attorney and Sarah, the grade school teacher; all three of these ladies are very well driven and have great jobs, jobs that really show who they are as a person and they all seem great.

Let’s talk about these first impressions. Taylor, a mental health counselor, told Nick that her friends thought he was a “piece of sh*t”. He was really caught off guard by that but hey, at least her friends speak the truth. Hailey, the photographer, told him right off the bat  that she wasn’t wearing underwear; I’m not really sure how he felt about that LOL. Astrick, the plastic surgery office manager, spoke about inappropriate things in German. Lacey, a digital marketing manager came in riding a camel and everyone in the house was not only shocked, but was all jealous that they didn’t think of the idea. Corrine, the business owner, is definitely the troublemaker and problem-causer of this season. I cannot wait to see what she stirs up. One last crazy first impression, Liz, the girl who he has had relations with before. So unfair. Really, give the man a chance to meet some new girls, not someone from his past.

Last, but not least, because I’ll be back next week. A little overview on the final results of the night. The first impression rose, the rose he gives out to the girl that really stood out to him the most was given to Rachel. I definitely saw it going to my girl, Vanessa, but Rachel is in my top three so I was still okay with his choice. Besides, Rachel is a very intelligent woman and she lets it show. During the rose ceremony at the end of the night, the first rose was given to Vanessa so she’s for sure locked in there and my other favorite, Sarah, was also given a rose. Eight girls went home last night. The season is looking great.

I see Vanessa, Rachel, and Corrine making it to the final three and remember, you read it here first, written by Ellen White.

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“Fourth time’s a charm” by//Ellen White