Eight ways to cure the blues by//Emily Owens

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1. Watch a movie that will make you cry


Sounds a bit counterproductive right? Actually, crying is one of the fastest and the most natural way to relieve emotional stress, according to When you cry, your tears contain ACTH which is a chemical that increases in your body when you’re stressed out. That is why you might feel better after crying over something traumatic. There are several movies out there that definitely count as a tear-jerker that aren’t unbearingly sappy.

 2. Go outside


Take an hour to walk around downtown or go somewhere you’ve never been before. Getting outside can boost your endorphins and your activity level which relieves stress.

3. Hang out with a good old friend


Sometimes when you’re out with a big group of friends it’s hard to be heard. If you’re stressed out or upset hanging out with just one friend and investing time one on one not only can strengthen that friendship but it can also help you. Friends can listen to you and help you step back and look at the situation you are facing as the whole picture and that way the solution is easier to grasp.  

4. Watch funny cat videos


Laughter is one of the fastest cures to being sad. Laughter makes you forget why you’re sad for a little bit and it’s fun to laugh! Laughing release feel good chemicals to your brain.

5. Do a good deed


Even if it is the worst moment in your life, there is always someone who has it worse than you. Doing a good deed will take your focus off what is going wrong on your life and on someone else. And when you doing something for someone else it’s a good feeling

6. Eat sweets


Whether it is tasting the rainbow or indulge in the goodness of chocolate, eating candy is never wasted time.   

7. Retail therapy


Splurging on something you’ve always wanted can definitely help you get your mind off of things

8.Write it out


If you don’t want to distract yourself from the problem then maybe writing out how you feel can help you deal with what is going on. Whether it’s in the form of a short story, letter or even a poem, getting it off your chest is your best bet.

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Eight ways to cure the blues by//Emily Owens