“Fourth time’s a charm” by//Ellen White

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Like I said, Corrine was going to stir some stuff up and she sure did, Liz also decided to cause a storm, but that ended shortly after.

In the second episode, it featured were two group dates and one solo date. The entire house got really jittery when they heard about the one on one date because they all hoped that it was them. Usually it’s someone that nobody even expects; I never expect the chosen girl at least.

On the first group date, 12 girls were selected to go to a photo shoot for wedding photos with Nick. Whichever girl had the most chemistry with Nick during their shoot won the challenge. Each girl got a different style wedding dress, one that Nick thought fit their personality, except for a couple of girls who only got bridesmaid dresses, that should give them a hint. LOL. There was an 80’s dress, a pregnant shotgun dress, Adam and Eve (only a leaf bikini bottom), and a plain old bikini. Of course, Corrine got the bikini wedding “dress”, and she flaunted herself in that.

Let’s talk about this Corrine girl; she is just too cocky for me. She talked about how she is always number one, since she got Nick’s first kiss, she got to wear the bikini, and her name was first on the date card. It was funny though, she has a weak side, and whenever another girl looks better than her she is so unhappy. Brittany was in the Adam and Eve outfit, just the leaf bikini bottom, and Corrine was so jealous because apparently she could’ve worn it a lot better. Corrine won the photo-shoot challenge, BUT only because whenever Nick and her were taking their pictures she took off her top and posed topless. I’m kind of wondering what kind of girl Nick is actually looking for now.

Date card number two was the one on one date with Danielle M. I didn’t expect this, but I was happy for her because she’s the sweetest girl on that show. They took a helicopter out to a yacht and relaxed in a hot tub. Lucky. Nick and Danielle really connected on this date while talking about their past relationships. Nick explained to her how his past love life’s went down and then, Danielle explained to Nick how she was once engaged to a secret drug addict that passed away three months after proposing. Even after hearing about the tragedy in her life, Nick still said that he saw incredible strength in her and connected with her more than he ever thought he would.

Date card number three was another group date with six girls. Nick took them to the Museum of Broken Relationships where each girl had to make a breakup scene for Nick in front of an audience. All of the scenes were really laughable and showed each of their goofy, but serious sides. Liz, the girl that he had met before and even told another girl on the show about their romance before, was brought to this date. Bad idea. During her scene, she told detail for detail of hers and Nicks past relationship for everyone to hear. He was definitely caught off guard and probably felt really awkward. Later on in that night, he took her aside so that they could talk about their situation and he could figure out why she was really there. He figured it was only for the television fame, he might’ve been right. After listening to her and still not really understanding, he sent her home. She deserved it. Nick went back to tell the other five girls and he said he was going to let the rest of the house know what had happened so he wasn’t keeping a secret. Before that could happen, the show was to be continued. Sad right? We’ll find out next week how that goes for Nick.

He was saying that he think some girls will leave after they find out, but I don’t see that happening. He can’t help his past and can’t help that she came onto the show.

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“Fourth time’s a charm” by//Ellen White