Notes to underclassmen by//Kat Lynn

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High school is already a tedious place to be. It makes it even worse when you walk yourself into situations that you don’t know how to get out of.

Forgetting upcoming tests, missing deadlines, missing important tests. Being a senior I have faced many of these situations. It is best to get information on scenarios that could happen so you know how to avoid them. Seniors are finally at the point where we are about to leave our high school lives, and we have learned a lot in the past four years.

We have figured things out through trial and error. We have also been expected to figure things out for ourselves. Luckily you won’t have to figure everything out for yourself. If there is another student willing to walk you through situations, be glad that it is a senior.

I will be covering some of the most basic issues to dire situations that will always need some guidance. There is a never-ending list of issues that need to be addressed and solved before more underclassmen have to deal with the same reoccurring issues.

To send underclassmen problems in to be discussed in the column, message me @heymynameskat Twitter or Instagram.


One of the biggest problems high school students face is correcting bad study habits and keeping up their grades.

“An issue that I see a lot is underclassmen not knowing how to pass tests because they do not do homework because it doesn’t give them points,” special education teacher Jill Anderson said.

        Many teachers at NAHS are beginning to make their class grade more focused on quizzes and tests rather than in-class assignments and homework. When homework is offered but not taken for points, some students don’t see it necessary to complete. This often leads to low grades and little to no preparation for tests and assessments.

“They don’t realize how important the classes are until they are seniors and they have to have the class to graduate,” US History teacher Pierce Mumaw said.

The higher the grade level you reach, the more and more you will be expected to treat your classes as college courses. If the teacher says something about a subject – write it down. If they give you a “study assignment” – do it. They are basically giving you the answers. When you are a senior the last thing you want to worry about it completing courses you should have passed as a freshman.

One of the best ways to stay on task for test preparation is by doing homework whether it counts towards your grade or not. There is no limitation on the amount of studying you can accomplish. Obviously there are more interesting things you can do, but bottom line – studying is the best way to ensure a good grade and make high school as painless as possible.


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Notes to underclassmen by//Kat Lynn