“Fourth times a charm” by//Ellen White

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On January 16th, my favorite woman and my least favorite woman got a lot of Nick’s attention.

Last week ended on a cliffhanger with Nick talking to all of the women about his past romance with Liz, right after she was asked to leave. At the start of episode 3, Nick was explaining to all the women about the situation, it didn’t really affect any of them though. They were all very confused and some of them had a lot of questions, but nobody left or got very angry about it.

He sat down and talked about the situation with one of his favorites, Danielle L, while Corrine was in her room planning a very grimy trick. This involved only a trench coat and whipped cream; I don’t think I need to say anything else about that, but Nick wasn’t very intrigued by it. At least, I don’t think so. After that, Corrine ran to her room and was so devastated because apparently she didn’t have a chance after that. I don’t know what’s wrong with that girl, but she’s too much for me. She didn’t even show up to the rose ceremony, she was up in her bed being a crybaby. No wonder she still has a nanny, it’s because she still acts like a little child. Well, children don’t only wear trench coats but you get the point.

During the rose ceremony, we said goodbye to three women that I barely even knew were on the show: Elizabeth, Hailey, and Lacey. With the remaining women still in competition, the first date card was given out and seven women were selected to dance onstage for the Backstreet Boys. They all had to learn a dance and then, perform it on stage at one of their concerts. The woman who did the best on stage got to be serenaded in front of everyone with a slow dance with of course, Nick. This woman Corrine says that her nanny usually does the dance for her. Goodness. She must’ve been right though because her dancing was something tragic. Danielle ends up being the winner of the dance off and of course Corrine is all upset because she isn’t comfortable with herself anymore and apparently Nick isn’t going to like her anymore and send her home. Eventually they talked during the nighttime part of the date and she gained her power back. Sadly.

The next day, Vanessa gets a one on one date with Nick and they got to fly in a Zero G plane experiencing what it’s like to be in space. There was a lot of chemistry on the plane, and then, she vomits. She gets sick from all of the floating around. Fortunately, Nick said that he loves to comfort women when they’re in trouble so he actually was still having a lot of fun. That night, their chemistry kept getting stronger and he said to her that he almost lost hope of finding love until this night. I told you all that she’d be going all the way; this is just one step closer as she got the date rose.

The second group date involved track and field and seven women.  This was called a “Nickathalon” and the women had to try to win over Nick’s heart. There was a lot of physical activity that nobody wants to see, but fortunately a few women knew what they were doing. Astrid was the winner of the events and got to spend alone time in a hot tub with Nick. He sent a second woman home this season, Dominique. After this, Rachel got the date rose, like she deserved.

Instead of a cocktail party, he changes it to a pool party. Of course Corrine goes out of her way and gets him a princess bouncy house, hopping on top of him telling him that he is “very comfortable”. She makes me very uncomfortable. After Corrine was done with her little scene, a couple of the women try to explain to Nick that Corrine needs to go. One of those women being Vanessa, who asks Nick if he’s looking for a wife or a woman in a trench coat. Ouch.

Well, next week I expect Corrine and a lot of the women to get into arguments after she most likely finds out about their conversations with Nick. I’m ready for some catfights, what about you all?

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“Fourth times a charm” by//Ellen White