Notes to underclassman by//Kat Lynn

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Freshman year I had no idea what high school would be like for me. I never had anything I felt that I was or would be good at. Scanning the classes list for my schedule, journalism stood out to me. I had no experience writing for entertainment or news, but I loved writing and it was the only passion I had really ever had. Stepping in the room on the first day of freshman year I knew I made the right choice. While struggling with anxiety, this class helped me more than anything else ever possibly could have. Three years later, standing in the news room in the middle of my senior year, I couldn’t image what my life would be like without taking that journalism class.

While you may already have a perfect spot to fit into in high school, you may not be entirely comfortable in your current position. Everyone has a different “it”. Sometimes it takes a little longer to figure out where you fit in, but when you do, you just know.

Certain types of people fit into certain groups, classes, teams, or clubs. It becomes your comfort zone and allows you to grow as a person. There are places within New Albany High Schoool that will shape your personality without you even knowing it.

The Athlete: Obviously you can try out for teams and figure out where you can excel given your athletic ability. If being on a team isn’t for you, you can also try weightlifting, physical education and take on as many p.e. classes as possible.

The Academically-Inclined: There are groups who participate in academic challenge teams and groups that push their ability. They can achieve academic greatness without worrying about tests and studying.

The Literarily-Creative: This class if for the literarily creative. Expressing yourself through writing is one of the biggest components of this class and learning communication skills. Also the Silhouette, run by Mrs. Sillings, is a great place to express your creativity.

The Quiet & Reserved: Librarian Mrs. Alexander is extremely welcoming of new workers. If you have an interest in books and staying in a peaceful environment, the media center is the place for you. This is also for those tech-savvy people that would prefer to work on iPads, the media center hosts this as well.

The Bold & Adventurous: For those that are creative and take an interest in thespian history, the stage might be where you find your place. With two major plays per year and several other performances, there is plenty to do in the theatre wing, whether it is tech or actual thespian activity.

Finding your niche is important in high school. It will shape how you grow as a person for the rest of your life. There are going to be certain people you will meet when you do find your place in high school, and those people will be some of the most important people you will meet in your entire high school life.

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Notes to underclassman by//Kat Lynn