Bulldogs volleyball rallies to the top

By: Jennifer Jacobs

The volleyball team has been serving up a storm this season with a record of 9-2. The team, coached by Hall of Fame Coach John Breeding, is working vigorously at every practice by learning the other team’s tendencies and preparing for upcoming games.

“This is my third year playing for New Albany volleyball,” junior Catlin Lilly said. “My freshman year we didn’t make it past sectionals, then my sophomore year we made it to semi-state and lost in five games. This year we have a lot of new people that will really be a key to helping us go all the way this season.”

The team has achieved a lot thus far, winning all of their games with the exception of Assumption and Brownstown.

“To prepare for a big game or any game we go all out at every practice no matter what,” junior Sara Schad said. “Coach Breeding works us hard to prepare us for every possible game situation. Last year we made it to semi-state so this year everyone has high expectations for us. We are doing everything we can and working harder than ever to prove to everyone we are state champion material.”

To fulfill these expectations, before every game the team does a warm up consisting of a thing they call “star” and Jazzercise. The team frequently listens to music before they play to get motivated for the game.

“As a team we still have a lot of work to do, but when it comes tournament time we will be ready,” said Lilly. “I am really excited about this season’s team and we definitely have the ability and talent to make it all the way this year.”

This team is full of talent and has a lot of determination. There is a long and tough season ahead for this group, but regardless of what does or doesn’t happen at state, they are sure to make us proud.

“Now that I’m a senior I realize that you shouldn’t take anything for granted,” senior Deandra Stinson said. “Play every game like its your last, because soon enough it’ll be your senior year, and it will come to be your last game. The worst feeling is the locker room after you lose in the state tournament. Girls, you don’t want to be there, work as hard as you can everyday.”