Gleeks rejoice as Glee returns to Fox for a third season

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By: Michelle Tucker

Sue’s insults are still clever. Brittany’s one-liners are still hilarious. The songs and dance numbers are still enough to make you want to get up and dance and sing along. As of Tuesday, September 20, Glee is back for it’s third season and Gleeks everywhere couldn’t be more thrilled.While the previous season (which was heavily criticized by fans and critics alike) focused on theme episodes, tributes, and guest stars, this season, producer Ryan Murphy said he would be sticking with the original characters and their storylines. So far, other than the introductions of three new minor characters, he has kept his word. We’re only one episode, but the show is off to a good start.A couple that has been blossoming ever since the start of season one has finally gotten together. Glee club director Will and school guidance counselor Emma are now together. With his lady at his side, Will is setting out to battle with Sue Sylvester, the mean spirited and witty coach of the Cheerios. Sue is running for president, and the main part of her platform? You guessed it – banning the arts from schools, which includes glee club. Will, as the man in charge of their school’s glee club, is one person who will certainly not be voting for her. Will is clearly not pleased with her actions, but he also isn’t happy with the way Santana, Cheerio and glee club member, is working on both sides, and she ends up being thrown out of the glee club.

Speaking of the Cheerios – former head Cheerio Quinn seems to have gone to the dark side. She ditched her blonde hair, and the glee club, for a more rock n’ roll look and clique. Her new look and attitude is a drastic change and has definitely drawn a line between her and the members of the glee club.

Kurt and Rachel, along with many other members of New Directions, are now seniors and thinking about college. They both know that they are Broadway bound and are determined to get out of their small town and attend college in New York. But they aren’t the only ones who want to leave Lima and go on to bigger and better things. After witnessing a performance by a group led by new character Harmony (who is played by Glee Project finalist Lindsay Pearce, but may only be around for two episodes) the two friends realize they may not be as big of “hot stuff” as they once thought they were.

Kurt may not be too happy with this realization, but he is happy with the fact his boyfriend Blaine has transferred to William McKinley. The two lovebirds can now walk the halls together, as well as sing in the choir room, because almost the second he transferred, he became the newest member of New Directions. But someone who will not be becoming a new member? New girl Sugar Motta. Without a doubt, she can be described as tone deaf. Arrogant is a fitting word as well. After an audition failed, Mr. Schuester had no choice but to turn her away.

The opening episode was filled with plenty of fantastic material to kick off the season. Not only were the storylines great, but so was the music. From Broadway to Wizard of Oz to Tom Jones, there was guaranteed to be at least one song that everyone would love. Ryan Murphy promised to win the fans back with this season, and he did just that.

Be sure to check out the new season of Glee, every Tuesday night at 8 PM on Fox.

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Gleeks rejoice as Glee returns to Fox for a third season