Dos and Don’ts for picking next year classes by//Kat Lynn

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There is nothing wrong with picking elective classes, however, put priorities first when you are setting up your schedule.

Some classes may seem vaguely important now but there is nothing worse than being a senior and having to take a freshman class due to procrastination. It is always better to get the required classes out of the way as soon as possible. The further you are into high school, the more elective classes you will have open on your schedule. By your senior year if you scheduled strategically, you may have as many as three or four spots open for electives.

As an underclassman it may seem difficult to determine which classes you will need to get out of the way early, but use your resources. Counselors and teachers are aware of the requirements; the academic handbook also details each diploma’s course requirements.

Sign up for classes required for your diploma first and maintain good grades. If you intend on graduating with an honors diploma it is important to make sure you get all of the language classes in line. It is easier to take them three years in a row instead of breaking the classes up and putting a year in between courses.

Never pick courses purely because your friends are in them; choose classes based on your requirements, interests, learning style and ability to succeed in that class. If you pick a class that has nothing to do with your interests, you are going to fall behind or get bored with the material easily. This will end up negatively for your grades and overall high school experience.

Always look into your diploma information. It is the most important thing to focus on when deciding classes. There will be plenty of other opportunities for having social options with your friends, but your classes are ultimately first in priority. It will be better for you in the long run and you will get out of here in four years!

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Dos and Don’ts for picking next year classes by//Kat Lynn