Fourth times a charm.. by//Ellen White

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For a second there I thought Corrine was heading home, but then I realized that they wouldn’t send the troublemaker home. They need the drama.

January 23, the rose ceremony started off the show and all of the girls were given roses except for Christen and Brittany. Corrine’s name was called last which had all of us shook I’m sure, but knew she’d most likely get called anyway. After Nick explained that he was so glad that they were all so close, Corrine decided that it’d be necessary to take a bite out of her rose. Weird!

Deciding that their stay at the mansion had gone on too long, the remaining 15 women took a trip to Nick’s hometown. When talking to his parents, his dad said that he really doesn’t want to see Nick on this show again. Yeah, I don’t think any of us want to either to be honest.

The first date of this episode was a one on one date with Danielle L. They talked about their past lives, all the way back to when they were little kids. Whenever stopping by a bakery so that they could decorate cookies, Nick sees an ex of his. He tells this girl that she looks great right in front of Danielle L. He’s a sleaze. He’s such an awkward person, so awkward that he took Danielle to the park where he lost his virginity. After this awkward event, they continued their awkwardness by going to a Chris Lane concert and making out on stage. That had to be really weird for Chris Lane.

The next date was a group date with 13 women. He takes them to a dairy farm, which gets the award for worst date of the season. Of course there is always a girl that complains and obviously it was Corrine. She thought about being fed a chicken taco or sushi by her nanny the whole time. After this, a GoFundMe account was created by a viewer for Corrine’s nanny, I guess whoever made that thinks that her nanny needs to be paid more. I agree, Corrine is a handful. Some of the other women were having a little more fun than Corrine was though, Taylor loved watching Nick feed the calves and Jaimi was a pro at milking the cows. After their farm adventure, they headed to a cocktail party where Nick told Kristina that he’d love to hear about her past, but not now, more like shut up.

Corrine decides that some of the women have a problem with her. Wow, she is pretty smart after all. Taylor and Sarah woke her up a few days before just to tell her that they had a problem with her, so maybe she got that idea from then. She confronts the women giving them the opportunity to put forth their issues. Sarah hit her with the question, “Do you think you’re genuinely ready to marry a 36-year-old man?” Ouch. Kristina tells her that she is sick of her hiding away from everyone else, but instead of arguing, Corrine goes to find Nick to have a mature conversation which translates to: they don’t kiss.

At the end of the night, the date rose goes to Kristina, only to keep her mouth shut. The next day, Raven gets the first hometown date. Her and Nick sat on the sidelines of his little sisters soccer game. His sister tells their dad that Raven is a keeper. Can we all agree that Corrine is not a keeper after her and all of the girl’s battle to be better than each other?

Of course I see a lot more drama coming to the show involving Corrine because what episode hasn’t involved her being crazy?

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Fourth times a charm.. by//Ellen White