Facebook: A place for feuds

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By: Robbie McAnelly

Facebook fights: A recurring issue in social networking and considered undeniably trashy by most, one can’t help but tune in to view the bickering. It’s like a car crash; while horrible in context, one can’t help but watch the disaster unfold. Why do we have the tendency to watch such silliness?

Even though Facebook fights mat be fun to watch, it is an entirely immature concept. Fighting over social networking websites shows the true intention and lack of moral competence of those who fight. Rather than settle a problem maturely in a private setting, face-to-face, the fighters choose to display their arguing for all their friends to see. Not only does this result in a less sincere way of settling a problem, but it also presents the opportunity to throw other people into the mix of the fight. Facebook fights are like a black hole; interesting to examine, but get too close and you will be sucked in.

However, Facebook fights are not all bad. One status post regarding a Facebook fight and the entire school is searching through their news feed for said fight. Facebook fights increase some users’ interest in the website and make the Facebook browsing experience a little more enjoyable. A little controversy is nice to spice up the occasionally dull Facebook atmosphere. As long as one can resist the urge to comment on a fighting post, or resist the urge to venture too close to the attractive pull of the “black hole,” Facebook fights can be a stimulating online experience for all not involved. There’s nothing wrong with a little guilty pleasure.

Trashy? Yes. A horrible way of going about a fight? Of course. Facebook fights are undeniably an insincere choice in settling one’s differences, but the viewers may as well quietly enjoy the free entertainment.

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Facebook: A place for feuds