Ways to go cheap for prom by// Ellen White

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With prom season rolling in a lot of students are worried about spending too much money, and some are excited to break their bank account with the most amazing dress. The best choice is to stay in a good range so that you don’t go broke.

There are many places that sell prom dresses for fairly cheap and even big name brand stores have dresses that are also in a good price range.

“Families with a total household income below $50,000 a year plan to spend $1109 on the prom,” according to “Disconcertingly, those families making under $25,000 will spend a total of $1393 for the prom, while families who make over $50,000 will spend an average of $799.”

Money can be very tight in families that have prom goers. At some stores such as Mariposa Consignments (New Albany), Dillard’s, or Annie’s Consignment (Jeffersonville) sell prom dresses for way cheaper than the shopper could find them in a specialty boutiques like B.Loved (Seymour) or Regiss (Louisville).

“At Mariposa, you can get 15% off of the dress that you want when Mariposa takes a picture of you with it on or holding it to post on their Instagram,” Mariposa consigner junior Emily Owens.

“I’ve sold both of my dresses at Mariposa,” senior Madison Thomas said. “The owner is super nice, friendly, and welcoming. She prices the clothing well and advertises the stuff you bring in as well.”

At Mariposa you can consign your dress, sell it, and then get profit off of it. They have popular brands here, such as Sherri Hill and Jovani, ranging anywhere from $99-400. The average price of a dress at Mariposa is $289, prices at B.Loved, where dresses start around $400.

If spending a lot of money is something that you’re open to, B.Loved, Regiss, and Miss Priss are fairly local and have many different types of dresses. These stores hold brands such as Sherri Hill, Ray Allen, Jovani, etc. Dresses at specialty stores sell really fast, buyers start looking as early as the beginning of January.


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Ways to go cheap for prom by// Ellen White