I Don’t Need This by// Kami Geron

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Forget the roses, I want some sugar!

img_4922-copyHere’s a short and sweet story for all my Valentine’s Day people. The first things you think about when Valentine’s Day is mentioned are Cupid, roses, and chocolate. Also there’s kissing that special someone, but I’d rather spend my time snuggling on the couch with my dog than with another person. Instead of spending Valentine’s Day with some random person who was shot by Cupid’s arrow, why not spend it with a love like no other? Love from a pet.

Don’t get me wrong, humans are cool and all that, but what about the pet who’s there to greet you everyday after school with a happy face. I have a dog named Kassie and she is the cutest beagle, even though she can’t play fetch to save her life. Any day of the year that’s rough, she’s always there dancing around waiting for me after school, sports or whatever I’ve been off doing. If I could, I’d give her that cliche’ box of chocolates.

According to Science World website, man’s best friend is really man’s best friend. Dogs were cast in this role way before Marley and Me ever came out. The truth is, dogs like living in groups. This makes sense because they do have some relation to wolves. Yet, even people living alone will have one pet who will love them unconditionally.

Just like us, dogs need company. Since they are related to wolves, you’d think they’d be more like a pack animal but over many, many years they have turned to humans. We humans, like usual, changed their natural tendencies so today they are social, friendly, and affectionate. Now don’t think dogs are the only ones to benefit from this relationship, man does too! Dogs have jobs other than licking their paws and begging, they can help people with disabilities and other health problems.img_8804-copy

You can never take the true wolf out of a dog, and though they have a basic survival instinct, both of us often develop close friendships during our lifetimes. According to endless studies, dog owners often live longer, happier lives due to the presence of a canine companion. Also, dogs are one of the few animals who can “communicate” with their eyes. On Valentine’s Day or any day no human could compete with actual puppy dog eyes.

Don’t think I’m just a dog person. All pets have a significant impact on their owners lives. I happen to have a cat also, but he hates me so…anyways. I wouldn’t trade my dog for anything in the world, and so many people would second that. Pets make us laugh, cry, shout, and much more. There’s a reason so many movies, songs, and stories are about them, no one has been able to capture how important they are.

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I Don’t Need This by// Kami Geron