Fourth times a charm by//Ellen White

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In this episode, Corrine and Taylor got to go on an awkward two on one date, how exciting!

Their date went on after their little argument about Corrine not being emotionally intelligent for Nick. Taylor then gets told that nobody likes her and she is a “gross and nasty bully”. Then, Corrine runs off to Nick to be a tattletale, telling him that she doesn’t like Taylor at all. With the rose ceremony being next, Corrine still is going on about the Taylor situation. Taylor and Corrine are both saved at this ceremony and Taylor claims that she is not hiding anymore and is going to stick up for herself for now on. Let’s see how that goes.

Nick and the women head to New Orleans where Rachel gets a one on one date. I think we all fell in love with Rachel a little more. They meet up at a French market to have a day full of shopping and food. Obviously, just shopping and food wouldn’t be a real Bachelor date, so to top it off a parade came down the street in celebration of Nick and Rachel. They both seemed to have a really good time dancing along to the parade. That night, they enjoyed a nice dinner where they opened up to each other more and got to know who they really were. Rachel tells Nick about her father and Nick tells Rachel that he’s very nervous to be meeting the fathers of each woman. He seemed intimidated. Ending the night on a good note, he tells her that he’s really into her.

The next day, there’s a group date with ten women. They go to a haunted house… Nick has picked some really odd dates if you ask me. Their tour guide, Boo, tells the women not to touch anything including the ghost, but of course somebody had to touch it, that being Jasmine. Then, they all played with a Ouija board, which makes the tour guide freak out and everything is weird after that. Again, Jasmine touches something else that she wasn’t supposed to touch. Just great. Another scary thing, multiple women told Nick that they have or could see themselves falling in love with him on this date. Danielle M. got the date rose, which people much to reassure her that she still was in the game.

Finally, Corrine and Taylor’s date happened at the bayou, perfect. Bugs and reptiles all over the place. This was the place where everyone could see if Nick wanted a woman with a nanny or a woman with a master’s degree. The date eventually spirals downward when they read a Tarot card and Taylor’s said that she was surrounded by somebody nasty. That resulted in Nick trying to get Taylor’s side of the story, but instead Taylor just talks about how stupid Corrine is. Corrine’s reading said that she better shut her mouth, basically, which is true. Maybe it isn’t true though, since he gave the date rose to Corrine. During Nick and Corrine’s dinner, Taylor makes her way back in to talk to Nick. The episode ends at this, leaving us all hanging.

I’m hoping that Taylor puts some intelligence into Nick’s head. Obviously Nick just wants a woman that lies and likes whipped cream. Am I right?

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Fourth times a charm by//Ellen White