I only talk in #Hashtags by// Chaireth Jones

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For the majority of my three years in Newspaper, I have always written about things that didn’t pertain to me, or the things that HAD to be covered for our issues. Now it is my time to shine and write about things that pertain to myself and my senior year. Whether my stories are about something amazing that happened to me that week, or my biggest pet peeves, from here on out, I only talk in #Hashtags.

There’s always #ThatOnePerson

There’s always #ThatOnePerson in situations of your life that just make you think to yourself “why?”. Here are a couple situations where #ThatOnePerson has made me question different things in life.

#ThatOnePerson : Who NEVER helps on group projects

There is always #ThatOnePerson who you always get stuck doing a group project with, that does the bare minimum to help you with the project. These are the type of people that make me ask myself, “Why?”. Why would you want to put yourself in a situation where you are going to make the other partners in the group 1.) Never ever want to work with you again and 2.) Want to yell at you until the end of time due to the fact that you didn’t contribute any work to the project. Not only does #ThatOnePerson anger the other partners, but they also genuinely confuse them. By this I mean, what do people not understand about a project that is called a “Group project”? It makes me think that #ThatOnePerson truly is not smart enough to understand the concept of a group project, where everyone in the group puts in an equal amount of work. Now that #ThatOnePerson has angered their partners for that project, and has given themselves a bad reputation, they will have to live with the mess they have made, and deal with the fact that no one will ever want to work on a group project with them ever again.

#ThatOnePerson : Who complains about everything (Literally everything)

I am sure that we all know #ThatOnePerson who complains about literally EVERYTHING. This person is constantly searching for something new to complain about and bringing everyone else around them down. Whether they are complaining about the lack of sleep they got last, or how the sky isnt the color blue they wanted, these people can be the absolute worst. Sometimes I really wonder if these people do anything other than complain about NOTHING. These people really make me think, “Wow, my life really isn’t that bad”. I hear everything that they are complaining about and realize that compared to how bad they make their life seem, I must really have it good. Although these are the types of people who can be the most frustrating and annoying, maybe we should all thank them for making us realize how good our life truly is, and can be. So #Thanks to #ThatOnePerson.

#ThatOnePerson : Who is never on time

We all know a #ThatOnePerson that is never on time for anything. I am one of those people who is always on time, or even 15 minutes early to everything. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting on #ThatOnePerson who doesn’t seem to have the ability to be anywhere on time. Not only does this cause constant problems for them, but it also causes huge issues for the people who have to wait. I truly don’t understand how hard it can be for one person to show up on time for once in their life, so here’s a little advice for #ThatOnePerson who is always late; please get your stuff together and get places on time for once in your life. I promise, not only will you feel more relieved getting places on time, but it will also lessen your stress load. So, #ThatOnePerson, please get it together.

Lesson learned from this is, Don’t be #ThatOnePerson

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I only talk in #Hashtags by// Chaireth Jones