Eccentric NAHS student has a lot of “baggage”

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By: Jennifer Jacobs


In The Bag with Heather Pittman

They say that you can tell a lot about a woman by looking at the contents of her purse, and senior Heather Pittman is no exception to this statement. While her purse contains obvious items that any typical teenage girl may carry with her (cell phone or iPod, makeup, wallet, etc.), there are a few objects that just might surprise you.

Tea Mug – “It’s a tea mug, not a coffee mug. I’ve been trying to get off of coffee.”

Knitted Kitten Hand Warmers – “Brittany is perfect and she got these for me for Christmas. They have kitten faces on them!”

Men’s Deodorant – “It smells better than girl’s deodorant. It’s not because I’m sweaty and gross like guys or something.”

Cuticle Cream – “My hands are really ugly and something has to make them pretty because I don’t like lotion. It feels like I have dead slugs on my hand.”

Gum Paper Hearts – “I chew so much gum and I hate throwing away wrappers because I can fold them up and give them to people. It makes them happy.”

Lipstick – “I wear lipstick every single day because my lips are pale and ugly.”

20oz Ziploc Bag of Dimes – “I need a Diet Coke from school everyday. I was too lazy to go to my car to get my wallet, so I decided to put them in a Ziploc bag. A 20oz bag was all I could find.”

Rag – “It’s my makeup rag… normally I leave it at home. I guess today I accidentally put it in my purse instead of my hairspray.”

Receipt for Wendy’s Freestyle drink – “The Freestyle drink at Wendy’s, get Sprite Zero with Raspberry and Cherry. It’s amazing. They had Fanta Zero there… I didn’t even know that existed!”

Dress & Dwell Boutique Business Cards – “I work there sometimes, the owner Amanda Gibson is the nicest person ever. They have THE cutest clothes.”

Abundance of Pennies – “I only pick them up if they’re heads up.”

Space Pen – “My mom got it for $9.99 at Staples. It writes upside down, in space, and in 200-degree weather. It’s really cool and was developed by NASA. It’s awesome and official.

Fizzy Water – “It’s Tangerine Lime and it’s so good. I easily drink probably over 100oz of it a day. It’s fun and delicious. It has no sodium so it doesn’t make you bloated and gross like Diet Coke does. I really need to stop drinking Diet Coke.”

Nail Polish – “It’s called Secret Admirer. It’s black but it’s sparkly. It’s so pretty.”

Tissues -“My nose runs a lot. I don’t know where they all go. They probably just disintegrate somewhere…”

From the outside, Pittman’s purse seems ordinary. Upon a closer look, past all the used tissues and discarded change, you find this is not the case.

What’s in your purse?

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Eccentric NAHS student has a lot of “baggage”