Fourth times a charm by//Ellen White

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The episode opened with Nick crying and being upset because he didn’t know if he should go through with the season because he didn’t have a good gut feeling. This episode made me really mad because it gave a way a lot juicy stuff and now I know how the whole season ends.

Nick decides to cancel the rose ceremony and cocktail party and head to their next location, Bimini. The first date was a one-on-one date with Vanessa, my favorite, on a boat. Kind of ironic because the first one-on-one they went on she got sick, and now he’s taking her on another unsteady surface.

Back at the house, Corrine is trying to explain to Rachel all of the different meanings of the date card since it said “Let’s go deeper”. Which in reality it just means that they went snorkeling. At the end of the date, Vanessa tells Nick that she is falling in love with him.

The next date is a group date with Corrine, Kristina, and Raven on a yacht. Instead of just having a relaxing day in the sun, Nick decides that he wants them to go swimming with sharks. That’s terrifying, but whatever floats his boat. Haha. Each of the women and Nick has an emotional conversation together. Kristina’s conversation highlights how Nick isn’t so sure about her. Raven talks about her family and issues there. Corrine finally gets a talk and it ends up being about how she hasn’t gotten a one-on-one date and is upset about it.

Raven gets the date card and is locked in for the first hometown date of the season. Nick takes her to an Oceanside concert and they dance the night away, away from the dance floor.

The second one-on-one date goes to Danielle, and they ride bikes together. How boring. The rest of their date was very boring as well, as Nick only really talked to himself the whole time so he decides to send Danielle home. I don’t understand him, why he can’t he just wait until the rose ceremony to send people home? He has sent so many people home on his own time, more than any other season that I’ve seen.

Corrine sees Danielle being sent home as ad advantage for her so she makes her way up to Nick’s hotel room where she quote on quote said, “I’m gonna blow that room up.” Great. Just great. She told Nick that she was just checking on him to make sure that he was doing alright , but then eventually turns her emotional talk into her sexy talk. Surprisingly, Nick makes that scene end and Corrine goes back to her hotel room.

Another one-on-one date was with Rachel at a bar. She admits that Nick would be the first white guy that she would ever be brought home. Out of randomness, Nick decides that he wants to send somebody home and it ends up being Kristina.

The episode ends at that, him sending women home left and right just so that he can find the right woman for him.

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Fourth times a charm by//Ellen White