NA senior has a hidden talent

By: Chloe Kellams


One in 2000+

Usually when someone hears the name “Katie Perri”, one of two thoughts will probably come to mind.  For most, they’ll immediately think of the blue-haired, cherry chapstick loving, pop star.  For those who attend NA, a whole different person comes to mind.  Our Katie Perri has been described as a funny, outgoing volleyball player.  Katie’s close friends describe her as “the funniest person they’ve ever met.” She is a true jokester who makes any boring situation into a hilarious one. 

Senior Jaclyn Junkins and a close personal friend of Katie said, “Katie is by far the craziest gal I know.  She can turn any frown upside down and knows how to make anyone laugh at the drop of a hat.  I love that about her.”

While all of these things play a big role in whom Katie is, there is a huge portion of her life that hardly anyone is aware of.  Inside this crazy, fun-loving girl lives an extremely talented artist.  Katie has a true gift and when she’s not playing the part of class clown, she’s spending a majority of her school day in the art hallway perfecting her projects.

“I don’t really come off as the typical ‘artsy’ person, so when I tell someone it’s a big interest of mine they usually take it as a joke,” Perri said.

Katie is enrolled in AP Art Studio along with Drawing 5 and 6.  Katie said that AP Art Studio is by far her favorite class she’s taken thus far.

“In AP Art Studio I get to choose my own projects or concentration for my portfolio.  I also like the competition that class offers which makes it so much more enjoyable.”

Katie disclosed that she has spent more time on her artwork this year than any other school work.

“I stay after school and even come in on the weekends sometimes to finish up pieces.  I’ve even missed a few of my other classes just to finish what I’m working on.”

Art is more than just a trivial hobby for Katie.  She is constantly sketching and thinking of new ideas and projects.  Her art has touched her family probably more than anyone else.

“I am constantly getting asked to paint or draw things for holidays and birthdays.  I am the only artistic person in my family so they all really love it when I do something special just for one of them.”

Katie has been interested in art since the sixth grade and teachers like Ms. Korte have really inspired her to keep it up the rest of her life.  Although Katie doesn’t see herself doing anything professionally with her talent because of lack of a promising career and salary, she said that she’d like to continue with her hobby forever and “life would just be weird without it.”