How To: Survive getting your phone taken away by//Julia Campisano

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Being grounded is the worst thing to have to experience; I am sure many other teenagers would agree. Grounding just gets worse when your parents decide to confiscate your phone on top of everything else.

Is it just me, or is there no other consequence besides getting your phone taken? If you ever have to go without your phone again, here are my eight (mostly sarcastic) tips for your survival during this difficult time:

  1. Make a huge deal out of your punishment. This way “the punisher” will feel guilty about taking your phone and surely will give it back and apologize. Guilt trips always work.
  2. If step one doesn’t work, then you need to start sucking up to your parents. Do the dishes, take out the trash, clean their cars; do whatever you have to do to make their lives easier. They’ll be much more likely to either give your phone back right then and there or lessen the length it was going to be taken for.
  3. Tell all of your friends about your punishment, surely they’ll be just as upset as you are and they’ll do anything to help you get your phone back. Riots always work, so organize one and get people out there to help support your great cause.
  4. Complain to all of their adult friends. When your neighbors or your parents’ friends come over for a dinner, just complain about how lonely you are without anybody to text you. Surely they will feel bad for you and try to convince your parents to give it back. Honestly, guilt trips really do work!
  5. If that doesn’t work you’re just gonna have to scrounge up some money. Money for an iPod that is. You can easily hide it and sign into your Apple ID to text your friends. Just be careful to not get caught because I’m sure your parents would love to have an iPod too.
  6. If you just can’t stand not talking to your friends, get their emails and start emailing each other. It’s not as fast, and you can’t play pool or check your instagram, but at least you’ll have some form of human interaction. (Kind of.)
  7. Ask your friends if you can borrow their phones to use instead. That way, you can check your social media and talk to some of your friends that you were previously banned from speaking to. Just don’t post anything, if your parents see they will probably just keep the phone for a longer amount of time.
  8. If all of these other tips just aren’t helping you deal with the loss of your phone, try focusing on everything else in your life. Finally turn in that paper that was due the first week of school, read a book, maybe even get a job so you can pay for your own phone that your parents can’t take.

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How To: Survive getting your phone taken away by//Julia Campisano