How to: Beat everyone you know at 8 Ball on your iPhone by//Julia Campisano

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Everyone is still raving about one of the iPhone’s update features, the GamePidgeon app that can be found in your messages. This app allows iPhone users to play games like 8 Ball, Shuffleboard, Checkers, Sea Battle, and so many others. You can also pay money to customize different objects in the game. You can even create your own mini monster avatar and set up game play to be perfect for you and your friends. But don’t be fooled; although these games seem all fun, they can be really tricky, especially 8 Ball. Never fear, some of my sarcastic tips are here to assist you in completely destroying everyone you know at 8 Ball.

  1. So the message finally pops up on your phone: “Let’s Play 8 Ball” and you already know you’re gonna suck at it. (I understand, I STILL kinda suck at it). The first thing you want to do is break the group of balls up so they are far away from each other. If you’re lucky one might go in. You can easily do this by lining up the white ball straight at the point of the triangle and then hitting it with as much power as possible.
  2. Once the other player finishes their turn, make a plan as to how you’re gonna hit the next ball in. Make sure to try to go for easy targets first. Line it up slowly and look at the line from all angles to be positive it will hit the victim ball in. You can look at all angles of the line by frantically tilting your phone in every direction around your face.
  3. Always skip your partner’s playthrough, that way when they make a good shot or gets all of them in during one play you won’t have to watch it in shame.  
  4. While your partner is playing their turn, you should try hyping yourself up. Get excited, text them trash talk during their turn (which they can see while they’re playing so maybe that’ll mess them up), that way you’ll be totally pumped for when you go to beat them.
  5. When you finally get down to shooting the Eight Ball, follow all of my previous steps, and make sure when you go to choose how much power to use, you pull it back as far as possible so the ball will slam into the catcher. This will just make you look like a boss at the game.
  6. If you and your partner are both shooting the eight ball, you really need to focus, take 20 minutes to ask everyone you know if the line is perfect and if you have the right amount of power behind it. That’s what your partner is probably doing too, so make sure you ask different people than they would so they don’t sabotage your play.
  7. If your partner scratches, you need to place the cue ball in the perfect place so you can easily get at least one ball in during your play. Put it as close to the ball you want to hit as possible and then hit it as hard as possible.
  8. If you know you’re about to lose, quickly send them a different game from the GamePigeon app that you’re actually decent at. That way they’ll forget about playing you back on pool and you can try destroying them on Sea Battle instead.

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How to: Beat everyone you know at 8 Ball on your iPhone by//Julia Campisano