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How to not annoy teachers

In my twelve years of public schooling , I’ve come to partially realize that students have their ways of driving teachers mad. It’s human nature to be selfish, so of course I have never put myself in other people’s shoes until I was taught to. Still, I must shamefully say, it has taken me eleven years to do this for the people that have dedicated their lives to help me learn and even personally grow.

This list is not a list of what to do in a classroom and what not to do in a classroom; this is a wake-up call and it’s a call to respect those who offer their help. Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand that it is our teacher’s’ job to instruct us. However, I can 100 percent guarantee that learning from the teachers you have will be much easier if only we take time to put ourselves in their shoes for a change. Being respectful and doing what you are told with a good attitude goes a long way. So, I dutifully bring you eight ways to not annoy your teachers:

  1. Shut up

Whatever you have to say cannot possibly be more important that teacher’s entire sanity. Actually, I take that back if someone is dying, there’s a fire, or there’s an exceptional amount of blood of the floor then I suppose you may speak up. Otherwise, close your trap. If it helps just think of all the drama you are about to save yourself from participating in or listening to. A little silence can’t hurt.

2.  There’s this thing called a clock

I am pretty sure teachers hear the words, “What time is it?” maybe 100 times a day. It has to be the most-asked question ever in a classroom. I don’t know how teachers do it.

  1. There is always make up work

If there was school there is make up work. Just plan on it. Instead of irritating your teachers by asking that question you could always approach this with, “Where can I find the make-up work and when do I need to have it turned into you?”. Teachers don’t have an entire class period to themselves to relax. It’s called a planning period for a reason. Teachers work hard to prepare their next class day so assuming that you missed something on the day you were gone is not such a bad idea.

  1. I will throw it across the room

The cellular device, while it being a heavenly escape from the treacherous world to the average teen, is a teacher’s worst nightmare. Honestly, the quickest way to annoy your teacher is to be on your phone while the teacher is talking. It’s not annoying because it’s just a personal preference all teachers seem to have. It’s annoying because this teacher is up in the middle of classroom, trying to do their job and are trying to help you. It’s annoying because to them, all of their effort has been spat on by a bunch of 16 year olds. It’s harsh, but can you honestly say it would feel good to you and it wouldn’t annoy you if you were trying to get a point across to  person that didn’t give you the time of day?

  1. No, I will not give you an extra day

My lack of time management has really made my life feel like it’s falling apart. The stress and the worry- it’s just too much, and I seriously need to work to better my time management skills. Poor time management doesn’t only affect the student it affects everyone else in the classroom. If it’s stressful for me to be always on edge about when stuff is due I cannot imagine how awful it must be for teachers who have to deal with approximately 150 cases of poor time management skills. If a teacher is a good teacher the chances are high that they give out fair deadlines. There is no excuse why something should ever be late in this instance. Of course, this doesn’t account for human error and having mercy on those whose lives actually do fall apart. However, if we poor time management people don’t get our acts together teachers will go extinct. There are only so many excuses a teacher can take.

  1. Stop making a scene

Save it for the theatre. Disturbing the classroom is never the way to go. Whatever it is, hold your peace or don’t overembellish it.  

  1. Come on, you don’t actually have 99 problems

“Technology issues”? Give the teachers a break. If you don’t want to take responsibility then just own up to it. Any person appreciates honesty over excuses, including teachers.

  1.  Yes, it does count

Grade grubbers just sound annoying. If you honestly cared about your grade then you would actually try to learn. Asking a teacher if an assignment “counts” is basically saying, “I only care if it is going to affect my grades.”. I’m sure teachers get this throughout their entire day, so instead of asking how points you’ll get, ask probing questions that will help you learn what you need to learn to be successful.


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