I only talk in #Hashtags by//Chaireth Jones

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For the majority of my three years in Newspaper, I have always written about things that didn’t pertain to me, or the things that HAD to be covered for our issues. Now it is my time to shine and write about things that pertain to myself and my senior year. Whether my stories are about something amazing that happened to me that week, or my biggest pet peeves, from here on out, I only talk in #Hashtags.


There are often times in our lives where we feel like the whole world is against us and we just can’t win. Whether your whole week isn’t going as planned, or you constantly keep messing up everything you do, we have all been there. It feels like it’s neverending, that you can’t escape this horrible cycle of neverending bad things, and it stresses you out beyond belief. This is how my life has felt the last couple of weeks, or even months, but no matter how stressed you are, you have to keep going. Here are two main parts of my life that can tend to get very stressful, and I’m sure many can relate:

In school…

This is the main part of my life where all of my stress comes from. Recently, I have felt like I cannot catch a break from school. No matter what happens, or how hard I try, I can not mentally or physically keep up with anything happening. This may be due to the fact that the end of the year is approaching  fast, and that I am a senior, but I think that I would feel this way no matter what the circumstances are. Whether it be that I can’t keep up with the amount of work that I have in my classes, or if it’s the unnecessary drama that I’ve been dragged into, it stresses me out beyond belief. One second  it feels like I have finally caught up on everything I needed to get done, then the next it feels like I have a neverending list of things to do. I am  beyond ready for this horrible cycle to end for a while, and for spring break. So, thank you school, I am currently and always #stressed because of you.

In athletics…

Although this may not relate to everyone, it may relate to many. I know that your sport is supposed to be something that you enjoy doing all the time, but there are times where it can mentally drain you. I am on a varsity dance team at NAHS and we have constant practices and are constantly doing  things in the community. Although dance is my happy place, it can tend to be overwhelming when you combine it with school. There is so much to focus on, and practice in each sport, that its load can almost be just as stressful as schools. It’s hard to give all of your attention to school, while trying to do your very best at your sport. You go to school all day, then immediately go to practice afterward, then go home and work on school stuff, sleep, wake up the next day and repeat. This can be a really hard and stressful process for many people. Even if we all love our sport, we all need a little break sometimes. So props to the rest of the athletes out there who are #stressed due to their full schedules.

Whether your stress comes from school, home, or your sport, there are many others just as #stressed as you are. We all get it and we have all been there (and are there currently). You’re not alone, we are in this together, and I understand your pain.

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I only talk in #Hashtags by//Chaireth Jones